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It took time yeah oh because i'm fascinated with where i'm at now um i've grown beyond it you know i've done it i lived it experienced it i learned to let it go which was a great learning spiritual learning exp experience from me as a person um and now um all this new all these new challenges the police new questionmarks all his new stuff i've never done um the fear the anxiety the excitement um the real let release um of it the way the new way i can approach it uh with with where i'm at now um that's fascinating to me now well i can't tell you how much i and fire you thank you so much for talking with israel have been great to talk with you thank you spend a thrill there's a new documentary about wendy waylon it's called restless creature in the fall whelan will tour with new works choreographed for her in a project called some of a thousand words after we take a short break but critic marine corrigan will review a novel just published in the us that's already won three major literary awards in england this is fresh air support for this podcast than the following message comes from morgan stanley for more than eighty years morgan stanley has offered financial wisdom to its clients for the last few weeks they'd been offering financial wisdom on a brand new podcast the morgan stanley ideas podcast will answer some questions you've wondered about for years and others you didn't even know you had find out on the morgan stanley ideas podcasts available from your favorite podcast directory morgan stanley smith barney llc and morgan stanley and co llc members civic.

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