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The last three years his ability to evaluate this exact situation that not. I don't know. I feel like this is like anthony lens like going to say something like a word that prefaces dream but let's just leave at dream. His dream is just to run the ball billion times in this game like up. It's wendy can throw it. Let's run into billions. I'm here andre jamal williams with no taylor zachariah. I find it hard to believe. They would even have a ton of success that so yeah i i don't wanna play the under actually like i'm not going to but i actually think. Nfl had to play the total. I think i would actually play the under here. I think it's just yeah. It's tough just like how many points can the lions expect to score on the game. Necessarily maybe you get a finnish like he got last week a little bit like when they gave doesn't matter maybe the lines of scoring a little bit slow. Yeah i'm with you. I think the totals honestly like right about where it should be slightly above league average mostly predicated on the fact that the packers are going to score a lot and our guy the well capper density. Who was like a really good handicapper came on the show earlier. Gave out lions team total under seventeen and a half as a bet that he really likes. So i think the expectation is that we're not gonna see detroit score a lot of points tonight and then it's like it's green bay just going to score a million possibly but i don't think it's a market that's and i want to bet into so we are both going to pass here on the total here which is forty nine with the packers and the lions again. If you're looking to make a bet though and you want to do something. It is worth noting. The bacterial five star is the on the over over forty nine points. The model has at fifty three. You better yvette. Magnificent marvelous monday costumes. Ken barkley we have given out place on the side thoughts on the total. Which means time has come for take his. Spf three hundred lather up fair skin for me. Grab my tanning oil. Second hour of mediterranean skin baby for us to grab our drinks pretty girls with grass skirts. The mood is right use. Explain what songs playing. I feel like margarita. Villas playing enter the. Let's start at that point and that's a good place to start by the way i feel like that song conjugates the credited deserves because it's become like a commercial empire unto itself actually like like an all time great song with with all time great lyrics as well amid what else. What else would it be playing. What would you have like you get some bob. Marley goin maybe. La man could even jack johnson some outside a little. Yeah a little them all. Maybe a little beach boys choice. Another great song..

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