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Hi Welcome opened. His goal is to me so I kind of came into for sneakers dislike skateboarding. Discover Street wet. So it's kind of a backwards wedding. People come in truth maybe fruit skateboarding than these vinyl clothing shoes or somebody will come into through St win and go that way by from. Yeah aside from sneakers and kind of what up and luckily. I didn't end up being like a Nike Tokai. I don't look like can dress. All that was not the era. We just Kinda way. Expensive closing Webpage Spencer trains but dead close. Luckily I was able to Kinda a progress for it but maybe I think it helped escape by the most put. It must have quite cool since the style so able to kind of circumvent that and obviously an addition to to when I was when I was in school because I was in a school in the end zone if the most popular quite mixed and I was lucky our highest sets which which allowed allowed me to kind of speak to a different group of people and then when I went to play football or went out oil out raven and stuff. It was really difficult. People had that kind of Mesh that merge which kind kind of I think in in really implant Mike my style of Rousseau's able to kind of I was able to Kinda Dodge kind of Nike total style. Bullet right where you way You don't remember what you're wearing Fred. Who's always horrendously guys? These adult men wearing matching tee shirts. New Era's and trainers and stuff it's a bit cringe. Or they what kind of flattened out there but anyway which shoes so I went? Through a witch era would shoot. I think bit disillusioned agent with trainers and coach. I may be partly due to the way it ended for me when I was used to talk. With one of the you know seminole slow of underground low sneakers sneak a sports were underground underground. One of the main sponsor goto tobacco unlimited Nike shoes a launch in conjunction with the Beijing Olympics. And they don't stay in them in shortage control. You guys listening with nowhere is kind of one of the official. One of the original members of that crude grew into luckily via Eisai. Who's WHO's not doing okay? BAKSI in stops absolute auto him a lot for that intro effectively gave me that job on a plate and that kind of serve as a platform for us to be connected with the culture. Let's it with your stuff going on but rooms picking up at that time warehouse parties just generally being about town. I think that was partly the reason why I ended up doing alibi too because I got introduced to one of the marketing guys. Is You need a guy on alibi. So it was kind of that platform was a real good spot but another time of course naturally these kinds of things when you don't cultivate relationships and you're very you you know I don't know I wasn't engaged in kind of making friends and clicking up a bit put off by immediately maybe due to my kind of fractious relationship I had with some of the guys from palace right. I was a a big fan of Brian. Before we know it died. I bought maybe the first two out of five shots they put out. Then I met the people behind it and it didn't go well in person which you know these things happen in real life in Nino can maybe not live up to you can just come across with them so you know wherever I just find it where? It's kind of where their stuff often think. That also coincided with Nike thing breaking down and I didn't really relationships on me dissident when they moved into action and they went to get new staff. They didn't keep me because no on care about me. 'CAUSE I didn't make any friends. You know this whole thing so I kind of made me a bit bitter regard which I'm not really that kind of guy if you know me another bid dude but I kind of grew up his wealth seconds. Dj To Sikandar Detroit music and I kind of grew up in a contribute to culture not consumers kind of did away with a hole punching of shoes and kind of put my episodes of putting nights making zine making t-shirts do know crepe hips lifestyle. So that kind of put me off of it. But I think over time time I've seen I've kind of stayed back into it because Arab. Listen to podcasts. Right recommended by Benjamin Edco for Brilliance he recommended this great podcast guy and he basically spoke about the need to have the need to the need to maintain a sense of beauty or like passionate crossed in your life and I think I've always kind of had that gap in my life when I kind of look which is why. I'm going to people that maybe Tom Sachs and stuff right. Had this practice in studio where they essentially are able to make these dreams projects these kind of these kind of you know self absorbed PROZAC probably don't have any purpose outside of the fact that he just wanted to make it a MM disability to make something with your hands well take something from idea to actual extra actual final products there. Isn't you already see Tom Sachs so sharing in a PS fouls of line sheets of ideas. He has always physical items died or maybe machines and stop and I always find that really cool and I guess that's something I've kind of missed in my life because especially with most being on screen come put costing with DJ Digital there's nothing tangible. It's quite hard to kind of have that so I think I'm kind kind of stand back into collecting shoes in very purposeful meaningful way stuff to actually I can wear. I'm always. I'm the final trainer's not leap hiding them and put them in plastic classic losses. So I'm back into training Midi just because I wanNA have beauty back in my life again and I think this podcast here spoke by Chievo confined it. It is this podcast right In support cost by this guy cooled gap on the screen bench so bidder Ghafur recommending it gap on your screen. So it's this podcast from A. Hey man input costs and is. Is this guest cooled. What's his name? David coggins right. I guess we can save you seventy really quickly. This of this of the podcast There's an art loving something right. That's the kind of byline from it. which is going back into training? And says I guess this week. They go gins diabetes the editor of the a new website the contender and Anytime bestows bestseller. Men's style mattis. His work on travel style designs appeared in numerous publications. He's currently working on new book. Book about fly fishing and lives in New York. David makes a compelling case for why dressing wells about the people around you said of what about yourself and we spent a long time going into what it means to care about things. Things be obsessive and take seriously advice seeker. This week needs some help pleasure and how to truly enjoy oneself right so so really cool ideas. I mean I've got to be contended with myself like this idea of having beauty in collecting purpose and every the oldest I used to cut back in days treatment stopped Marquis was something I was passionate about but I kind of lost it due to kind of get him voltage through the nonesense industry stuff and get a bit jaded. But now I'm into the point where I kind of I feel like I'm I'm contribute to culture enough for the DJ. And stuff. That I do and I. I went to add to it a little bit more by going back to making scenes writing on my blog more often. I'M GONNA eventually instagram for older kind of social to kind of nightlife life activities. I kind of gap to interview autism showcasing. New Things just being appalled culture. That's what do often and I think what step towards it is. It's the kind of things have been tension in full. Why not go out there and you know sample some of the sneakers out because I think as we as sneaky industry is at the moment especially with Reso- culture I also think would supplement place stock and the fact that every brand is trying to essentially make their own yeezy right? They're trying to create that viral member where they sell out every reasonable special. Release with that kind of first level in the industry sometimes because they ramping up the special production especially dishes they will so kind of ramping up. The level overall order shoes right which is why nowadays is hard to find the Gr even suffering Jd's wolves right even at quality might be shit it's hard to find the GOP crap most most of the average user you might see good signs and stuff a pretty decent right. They're pretty good. And then when you go to handle those kind of places specialist but but most across the board or shoes are improving because of his first novel at the top to get with sneaky guys to sell out shoes. They're making so that's allowing us to kind of get involved also is allowing brands to kind of reach out to brands on so he's also allowing brands to reach out to sneaker companies. Who are maybe when they gave him a look maybe five or ten years ago and get collaborations because they wanna be the ones to kind of be? The first us to cosign is brandon. Have that kind of Brian Relationship and also tap into the culture at heart and there's not a bad example in these novick ASEAN new balance is. I've got the eight fifty which retro recently I saw a video of a few guys unleash you previewing the Oji pay by paradox. uh-huh vaccine. You've got the gray pair. Also tried to get the navy payback. I didn't get mccutchen from good hood. So good to for delivering them. I was a bit miffed about by the process with good. You have to kind of do the thing register your thing and obviously have a payment already in place and when you get when you get him they take a payment out. If you don't refund you cecil their lights pick up. which is annoying yet it has to be sent to you but luckily Sunday with DVD? So I literally the next day which is all right but I would have preferred option to kind of click them so good listening and you have the option to maybe collect your shoes especially because you know I live in London get in basically often live in Nice to get them they just for you know for key caps but yeah I'm happy to shoot comes in his great books. No points during the Baltic railway. Got The gray pair as you can see how you get red laces Personally think the oppressive in the why walk better with a great parent of relations look bad with the Navy but yeah the the Great Peres really nice lows of Nice mix of lever. And you've got this nice hard messier. The talk of the front of the books as well the fact that on the side of the unit which makes the new the special new balance I think is one of the only ones or is only. Maybe a freelance models that don't have the actual on the side emblem is actually moved there to the to the back could be here. I think he might have been the first shooter actually had this happen to picture. Had A per- a worship review at a guy said it and the only kind of the only thing that says nobody Cassini especially on the tongue folded have more on their insult by to take out because you know my feet them fit without the soul. which is the annoying thing? Because I'm usually I'm a UK ten. Then I'll tend to office too big so I have to get ten and take insulin that that makes it kind of perfect on. My feet are a bit larger and ground and also I think the fact that is so thick the soul. Oh I would much prefer my feet to be working on such A. You know he'll Kinda fucking up my overwatch but yeah I love the shoe. I think is a really nice really cool calloway away again. It's very best to think in terms of shape Rafer calloway. Materials of one in jeans and Chino stuffing him show. If they lost to the summit. I'll be able to wear shorts. I'm looking for the navy pay. Hopefully next month I'll be able to get a navy veteran to repeat them but again just really nice collaboration. Something that you won't see going was crazy prices and stock X.. Whoever may be up to me in terms of getting back into being more of a collector and being a fan of things I think this is a good step forward again? I'm buying trainers trainers actually like trains. I'm going to wear day in day out. It's not your usual. You know easy. Fifty original one is something a little bit different Avoid a big fan of.

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