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Bowl. Plus 200, you know, jump on it. Well, there there was once I thought you'd be back on Sunday Boom Woman mentioned that he thought that there was like a video that leaked out of both him and, uh, and the other artist, you know, rehearsing. And that it did go over. It went over that 1 59 or whatever the line was and like, Oh, well. They must have pre recorded considering that go back to Thanksgiving Day. They had the halftime show down in Dallas. It was all pre recorded because they're pictures of people in the stands that we're watching it on the Jerry World Extra large, big screen like, Yeah, There's no there's nothing on the field, guys what you're watching them to use what we're watching here right now on the TV. There's no one on the field. They're not allowed anyone on the field. That was why I was actually kind of shocked that even the weekend was able was able to do some some variants of a halftime show, especially getting on the field as well to know I know that difference between You know, late November too early February of vaccine is already in production and whatnot. That You know, you probably get away with it, but I was honestly shocked that there was that they were allowing him and his backup master dancers on the field. I mean, what was? What else was he going to do? I mean, pre recorded. I thought they would have had a pre recorded like they did with the one down and Jerry world alive. I mean, if you're going to do something you're gonna do it live. It's from the Super Bowl. I mean, they put a lot in to the Super Bowl. Halftime show. Pepsi sponsors his thing and give emptying amount of money for this, So you know they're not gonna know we're not gonna take but for that, but Pepsi video, But perhaps he recorded the halftime show Donna Jury world, though to Pepsi was a sponsor for that one. That's really reason. Why have I understand this is horrible, but I didn't know. You're just saying it Super Bowl. I mean, I get it the other look, I'm just wonder if he's still lost in that one hallway, though. I'm just one if you still lost another stand still. Got lost in there. I turned the TV 07 stocks. I'm sorry I went back to it when he was on the field with all the mummies and everything but I get it. And, uh, but it's kind of just Yeah, I like that part. Sorry. Yes. Sometimes you need a break. Is this works, man, like if you're all into the weekend, and you wanna make sure that you're there for halftime at the Super Bowl's weird because your program like if I'm watching a normal football game, you get a first career so you might want to run, you know, Grab something out of the fridge. Get a second pressure may wanna run to the bathroom. You got halftime. You know, you get a break and go outside. Get some fresh air now. This past Sunday, it was freezing cold out, but You're telling me that all these people that it had all these things to say about the weekend and whether he was good or not, You know, I don't know what your body I wouldn't know the weekend if I Unless he had that crazy here then then I would say Hey, you know, your hair looks like the weekend. He's like I am the weekend I go. You got here, just like a no. It's a popular hair style. Now he seemed like he started it all that that I just said they're like When it gets to have time I had some things I had to take care of your stretch. My legs are they came back. I looked online really quick. And it seemed like most of the people that I follow. Hated the weekend presentation. Confused. I said I was. I didn't see me People love to take a lot of pictures did means and zooms and everything else and Try to make jokes about the weekend it No look, a lot of people didn't know who itwas a lot of people didn't know the weekend. I know my daughter and her friends and all of those 18. Yeah, everybody. The weekend was so that halftime show was not for me. Because I know who the hell the weekend was. That's a weekend like something that the M E. Remember what it was that the Oscars the me's Okay, purposely was all taped up or whatever. People are like, Well, we get plastic surgery is like, I don't know. That would seem like a prop girlfriend. And all of that he got he got some things done. I went Oh, so I bought into them. That's the guy who makes you messed up his face so because he left his girlfriend or something like that, or she left him. So, uh, this just kind of came up a little bit ago, guys. Some developing news coming out of the lines organization that sounds like they're expected to sign Antwaan Randle El. To be the new wider zeros. Coach for the Detroit life. He was assistant. I thought you decided it was a wide receiver of Like what? Anton run alot. But why? Why we see the coach makes sense. Yeah, I get it. I had no idea that he was actually he was on the bucks Steph as an offensive assistance, so it looks like the lines will be adding another. Former former player who has who made a name for himself as a in the position that he was at so Well, he's gonna have a lot of different wide receivers to work with, because Barb Jones looks like he's going to the Rams. And you start looking down. The rest of that is Golladay. That's up in the air with they're gonna be able to do with him. So safest may have worked with him. You know, the Wisconsin wide receiver. They're not. There's gonna be a lot of new faces out there and wide receiver for the Lions. So, Randall Oh, I get, you know when they put that tape on the helmet. Make sure you get see it in anyone's book, Chris E. Used to love that you had to put your name on it. But see at Michigan when you came in the summer as a freshman, you came in Yeah, Everybody had to put tape on their helmet Freshman only had to do that. Oh, everybody else, the up upperclassmen. They all knew, obviously right? So did you have wings on your helmet and practice? Always? Yes, Yes. So it's just rich Ride the one time he stripped Foresee Avis wings. Remember? He took his Yeah. Yeah, he took his way. The weirdest thing that ever saw ladies wear the blue glow. A Michigan home it without wings is like what? I don't know Ray's car without wheels or side. And maybe it was his wings or something like that is wings away. It's like a pizza without pepperoni. There you go. Yeah. Jamie likes Yeah. I'm sorry. Hey, wait. There's nothing wrong with just cheese pizza. Every now and then it's not wrong with it depicted in some ranch for Ms Honestly, I don't honestly I don't like to dip my pizza and ranch. I don't What do you like to dip your pizza? Pizza sauce? Nothing. Actually, I just had my pizzas is I put some put some red paper prepper red pepper flake out on me Just a little bit of that. Good. That's the next cover flakes too. I like I like cold pizza. Better than like my pizza, huh?.

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