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We of course will be back sooner than eric. I think because can't do it tomorrow. But maybe you could one day. We'll say flu. The magnificent magnificent collie kind of britain is all of the map lately. Filming her series the white lotus in hawaii and playing a ma an oregon mom in the new film joey joe bell and to institute story of how a teenage boys tragic suicide since his father on a nationwide journey to honor his son and find himself. Take a look. Keep walking keep walking. Don't come home okay. Don't come home till you figure out whatever it is you need to figure out but i really hope that's not just you being some facebook celebrity. Get your picture taken with people. Are you walking for jaden. Joe if you're walking for j you let david much wanted to come. Please welcome back. Connie britton joy has first question. Hi connie so nice to see you again getting too so we were talking yesterday and hot topics about valerie. Bertinelli who is fighting back against these twitter troll to fry who shamed for gaining weight and she was so upset about it. You know you've played strong. Female characters urine shows like friday night. Lights and nashville. And you say that you've made it your goal to counteract what women are supposed to look like onscreen that is not easy to do and show business. The maintenance of a skinny body seems absolutely on top of the list. So how are you doing this. Well you know. I just i i feel like my migrate joy and the opportunity that i've had over the years is to Depict women in very authentic ways close to the way we really are as as i ran depending on what the role is and as i personally get older as we all do i you know i'm feeling the effects of that. I'm doing it in front of the camera. You know. I have all of the impact of hollywood and you know the social media thing that i try to stay away from as much as possible but you know i just feel like if i can continue to convey the idea that we are are authentic solves our most beautiful selves And whatever that looks like and the more we can do to explore what that is each of us individually as women. The more powerful and i think the happier will be and and a lot of that has to do with walking out all that Outside noise because the outside noise takes away from what are true voices so you know. I just keep trying to do that and yeah it's not easy. You know i keep. I keep having people's lately are always you know what i love about you. I love that you're not doing anything to your face like i. That's a compliment. i loved. I love that you just letting yourself age. That is just a messing could free. And i'm like yeah thank you. I think at world needs to stop acting like women. Aging is an act of bravery. It's just what happens. But i think it's so toxic that people talk that way to women. But that's just me i your new movie joe. Belva do by the way they do it our whole lives. It just takes different forms depending on what iru decade. You're in also your one most beautiful woman in the world so people were saying that crap. Do you imagine what the rest of us feel like. I mean anyway. I talked to you about this whole show but we have to promote movie which is amazing. Your new movie joe. Bell is based on the true story. Of an oregon. Dad played by mark. Wahlberg who walks across the country to raise awareness about bullying after fifteen year. Old son jayden who was gay. Commit suicide you say that. The film teaches us how to be better allies house. Oh and how did you approach playing jason's mom lola. Well what i love about this film is that it's it's really it's it's really about redemption and what the film shows is people who have genuine misunderstanding about their own son and the fact that he's gay and is due and the community doesn't accept him and his and he is bullied and even his own father doesn't understand and what so we get to go on that journey in the film and watch through. His father's is joe. Bell played like by mark wahlberg. We get to watch him. Start to understand and discover and educate himself and not be afraid of who his son was. Authentically and i think by audiences being able to see that and experience it on this beautiful journey and the storytelling in this film. My hope is that we will open a lot of people's eyes and create a lot more understanding for people who just don't know any better opening their eyes and hopefully their hearts as well Thank you for doing this film because this telling these stories is so important. Because they're kids like that across this country that are watching right now But you're also starring in a new. Hbo limited series called the white lotus a social satire about the darker side of a group of wealthy vacationers in staff at a tropical resort. Now shot this series in hawaii during the pandemic which is not the worst place in the world to be holed up. What was that light. Well it was. I mean it was. It was fantastic and we felt a little bit while a lot sort of spoiled slash guilty because it was really right in the midst of the pandemic and really everybody had been locked down. We had all been live down and and in fact in maui at the four seasons which is where we were. We were also locked down so if there was ever an opportunity for the four seasons in maui to be to be locked out on that was it but it was just so beautiful and Rebel really fortunate and The cast really bonded and The scripts are fantastic. Mike white wrote and directed it and he's just an incredible voice and a very astute observer of human behavior. And so i think i think audiences are really gonna love the show. It's funny it's biting. it's jarring. It's a little too recognizable Yeah it's fun but the show is actually great. I've watched it. And it's it's all those things i to ask you this. You know this past year was a difficult one for a lot of people not only because of the pandemic of course but because of the racial reckoning going on in our country you are a single mom adopting you adopted your son from ethiopia ten years ago. What has your experience been raising black sun during this time. And what kinds of conversations have you been having with him. Well it's been Complicated and As if it. I think it's been for everybody in for different reasons and in different ways You know for me i. I am going through my own reckoning of the privileged that i've been raised with an and grown up in and and have been able to create my life in and At the same time and raising a black boy in america.

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