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Iran was however many months away from a bomb for many many years during the iran nuclear crisis right and and so the idea that you would need one year exactly to be able to respond is just totally arbitrary. Right it doesn't take a year to bomb them and honestly a year as as we have seen not enough time for diplomatic effort so they just picked it because it was like around number. But it's not. It doesn't correspond anything. But edit deeper level. I think that makes me crazy is how absurd is the breakout scenario right because these facilities even without the jcp away are still under. I eight yay safeguards and so the thinking of the the breakout crowd is that the iranians are going to publicly visibly. Either show the a that they are reconfiguring the cascades to build bombs or throw the i eight yay out either way. They're essentially saying we are building a bomb and that they are going to proceed to go about that activity in these well known open facilities that would immediately be the subject of attack. you know. it's just it's crazy to me that the supreme leader would be like. Hey i am going to build a bomb. I am going to do it here. You've got a year or six months to get your stuff together. Go for it like that is not what they are going to do. Right with they're going to do is what they did. Which is that. They will attempt to build a facility in secret. Don't they didn't. They didn't declare the colli electric facility outside of tehran. They didn't well the they. They avoided having to declare the natanz facility. Although i don't believe they ever would have declared it if it had not revealed They did not intend. I think to declare the facility at qom. The photo facility. You know if they do this they're going to try to do it in secret. And so you know as we have said i know you have said i have said it..

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