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It easy free. Things you need to know right now. All right, say twenty four this is one of four three myfm Valentine in the morning. Thank you for listening to us on a Friday. No, this really tough traffic situations going on out there the five and four or five different areas. And if you're stuck in traffic, listen to our show, thank you for taking time to joy our show. And hopefully, you get where you're going soon today less than two days after hurricane Michael arrived in the Florida panhandle as one of the most powerful hurricanes and US history. The storm is now moved off the east coast in into the Atlantic Ocean. In some areas of Florida, the damage has been absolutely catastrophic in Mexico beach, entire neighborhoods have been flagged it really looks like a bomb went off. Honestly, damaged roadways bridges. It's made the area nearly inaccessible. So obviously, your thoughts are gonna have to all this folks, dealing with that it is just is it climate change. I would argue it is in that part of Florida. They just keep getting hit down there Florida every hurricane. Gain season in sports or dodgers or the big story of the day there in Milwaukee for game. One of the first pitch at five on nine. Do not forget we'll have tickets for game three on Monday on Valentine's and we'll play a funny game. No pressure. Football Sunday the undefeated Rams. I mean, when's the last who said that the undefeated Rams will be in Denver to face the Broncos while the chargers are in Cleveland against the Browns or high school game of the week is a big one tonight at these Senate stadium number one Saint John Bosco taken number two modern day between the two teams will be forty seven players rated as a three star recruit or hire including four five star players. It's oppressive debt game starts at seven thirty a.

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