Albuquerque Journal, Alan, Dick Highschool discussed on The Mark Levin Show


The albuquerque journal reported last month that burnley okoni officials intended to terminate alan do town of excessive force and inappropriate conduct allen had also been accused of roughing up a female inmate in 2015 and the investigation into the shooter at as dick highschool last thursday is continuing with police confiscating items from william addison's home they confiscated nine sixteen gauge shotgun shells a gun magazine a box for glock an a gun lock box with ammunition inside police say that address and turned the gun on himself and committed suicide after the incident that left two student athletes pucko fernandez and casey marquez dead students at as take high are out until this coming monday the fbi says that they had contact with etcheson in march of 2016 regarding comments that he'd posted in an online gaming forum it was determined that no crime was committed and new mexico cookies liked the bisconti cheeto have helped an albuquerque baker win food networks christmas cookie challenge the show aired on tv this week but the network called christon dowling months ago to ask her to take part in the challenge and she quickly took them up on the offer she won the competition after making a biscuit cheetos because the jones called for the bakers to include a niece and the recipe she walked away with ten thousand dollars on wall street today the dow closed up eighty points.

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