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The best thing that you can do to get back in that capacity. It's still get that same priscilla on a different level from it. Yeah you do you have any thing coming up with the music with a well you know. Ironically we just for released the tenth anniversary album of my very first album that has long Released and twenty ten and so we just put that back out Came out on christmas so it was like lucky. Surprised who are fans or my dance And put that back out. But we've been. I've been working this whole time as we've been you know lockdown on his new album that you know we'll have some singles coming out come the new year and the full album. Hopefully out you know middle year middle of the air of all races. All songs that i wrote co wrote on with fellow songwriters back home in virginia back. And you know i have some other people. I'm constantly writing and trying to work and find the right song for this album. But yeah so we're going to be said that i wrote So super excited about that one. Yeah lots of stuff hopefully touring. We'll start again at some point. Yeah so we'll see what that looks like. Yeah who knows. I mean all the musician friends. I have are sitting in waiting as well. I think that goring and you know live of dancing like the accurate anything like that like the scoring market. I think Cancelled everything twenty twenty one already like it's just like they're planning for twenty twenty two at this point. I'm like crazy to think but you you think about it. Write a lot of those. Not just from trying to you. Know getting booked. Or whatever like the pairs for twenty twenty one or were already booked last year. You know like so. You're trying to get on a fair like booking unless you're like you know kenny chesney or like a huge name. Your even those guys though. Yeah like those bookings are already booking out in twenty twenty two at this point anyway. Take them so. I had chris gretna my show and he's a tour manager for justin bieber and it was. It was a week after he had just laid off eighty three of his staff because they had cancelled twenty twenty dollars back in april and they were supposed to be on tour for nine months. In your beaver. Twenty twenty turned into beaver. Twenty twenty one. So i'm at mukasey. And he said the most important person in his world was the nba. Commissioner be clap. The nba gets first dibs on all the arenas around the country. And then they have whatever's leftover they split up between everybody else so he said nba was the The big the big uh really at first and then hold up. Yeah yeah crazy when you think about it is like west says big four. It's not just the artists or the artists or the The talent the musicians and stuff that are that are suffering when all this stuff gets set down the ravens people who work in the venue that are working the the convenient fans and all that stuff that the people the custodians that are cleaning the venues and stuff. it's it's the ticket holder. Like a trickle down effects trickle down a second it's just affected all of us. You know on sunday different levels so it's been a year. it's been a year and a for one. I can't wait. i'm with you on that one. My friend come all right. Mickey what again. I thank you for the time. It was awesome talking to you. And i wish thank you so much i appreciate it. Absolutely have a great twenty one. You too thank you bye-bye by..

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