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It is number one third of threat after there are two britain porch ebersohn no we have not wanted to do a lot of a lot of health well let's do each week and let's hope with the nfl action on saturday i man or or i should say late saturday afternoon the eagles the only home undergo of this week and they found a way to get by the falcons 15 to ten most people thought with carson once south of the injury nick falls could not get it done most people thought that i meant except for nick false the asking as we get more confidence in myself wire compromise of because i know how hard we work and know that we believe in warned other in our lockerroom there's no need to waste my time to say they about it because we went out there and played great team football we played philadelphia eagle football night philadelphia eagles foot oh good enough to make it the nfc championship game they're going to take on hold while look like the vikings that look like the saints then if this play it was the vikings case oddity drop steps up in the pocket no prior to the right side stay the committee unbelievable on fourthdown downplay the last play the game keenan digs age sixty one yard touched down in the vikings beat the saints twenty nine twenty four to move on to the nfc championship game they'll go to philly to take on the eagles more williams i of viking sudden they're practices the play all the time yeah and then practice never caught the ball in that amazing and in the game he gets it done marcus williams ones the defense of back that dealt went down and allow digs to score here's thinks head coach sean payton on marcus williams the gus uh i'm sure warned swamp his locker and he's played well for his whole year it was a time he decision obviously you know you'd like that that back but he's been deployed for us what if we want to hear him well a lot of people will killing that point kid marcus williams i was like he did it on purpose i ran around.

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