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Crazy people and our news media there wack a doodle doodle. Do you know that life may have had their best It's a record their best opening show for a season. In four years. That means it's better than the last three years. Wow, what a record. You guys must be very excited Now. On the other hand, the N BA is not enjoying such a moment in the sun. As I live with the best year in three years. Wow, that's great NBA Finals post smallest audience ever. In Game one. I'm sorry. What is this? The smallest audience ever. But it's the Lakers and LeBron James King LeBron, who is the king of slaves? You know those things on King of pain. He's king of slaves. He gets rich off of forced labor in China, making his Nike shoes so he can Have his Gulfstream jet. Get two coats of wax this time around, you know, like Biff and back to the future. Now, bitch, I said a regular after a regular season and playoffs marked by declines. The N B. A Finals opened with its worst ever performance in the ratings again, their worst ever performance in the ratings. Do you think it's because of the fact that you know people are watching a protest and then a basketball game broke out, Take your politics and shove them very politely, And that's his politely As I can say Wednesday's Game one of the N BA Finals, the Heat versus the Lakers. Averaged 4.1 rating seven point for one million viewers.

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