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Pennsylvania. It's his birthplace. Also, the home of the office. And we're not a former coal town. We're former co country the way we're floor agricultural community. We have in mind colon sixty years despite the best efforts of everybody to portray us as that. My name is Boris crouch. A reporter with the Scranton times Tribune in Pennsylvania for the last thirty one years forces Scranton's changed. Well, it's like when Joe Biden was growing up here in Scranton Biden's known as uncle Joe. He says a lot of things that you're might say and almost three hundred miles away from Pittsburgh Scranton and nearby. Wilksbury? Hold a lot of those Obama Trump voters. Mike Memoli was talking about many of them says Boris feel that the economy has improved over the past two years. I think that for the most part you're going to have people feeling whole lot better than they did twenty sixteen in that raises, of course, politically with. What's the compelling reason to go in a different direction? Scranton's Lackawanna county only narrowly voted for Clinton in two thousand sixteen for years. Earlier Obama easily carried it by more than sixty percent. I asked Boris which result was more predictive for twenty twenty. I think the trend is that people will listen to the guy who appeals to working class voters that was one of the most amazing things about the difference between Clinton's run. Oh, eight and twenty sixteen in twenty eight during the primary they were talking about Clinton as the candidate of the working class voter and everybody was talking about what problem Obama was having attracting that vote and then come twenty sixteen it's the complete opposite. The a lot of working class. Democrats clearly voted for Trump. She lost those voters, and it's hard to see understand. Why frankly, did you talk to voters in two thousand sixteen could you pick that up that? What they were seeing in Trump was something that you had not seen before for another Republican candidate for the Republican candidate. Yes, I think it was the same passion was there for Obama. They really felt like they wanted somebody who was speaking for them. And Trump really tapped into that NAFTA was a big issue here. And then the immigration issue was much much more prominent Luzerne county than it wasn't Lackawanna county Luzern county is just to the south where we'll experience, but that's why Luzern actually I think immigration was a big larger issue in Luzern county. And that's why earn counting was so heavily for Trump Lackawanna county state narrowly for Clinton, do you think that the Democrats in town, the sort of office holders or other people who are active in the party in two thousand sixteen did did they see what was happening or were. They pretty shocked on election night to see the kind of numbers that came out of Luzern lock wanna county. We'll tell you. Surprised, but I think some of them knew that no some of them knew the prominent democratic friends were there's had Trump should science in their front yards. And that's just fact I don't think they thought they were going to lose. I don't think anybody thought that like wanna county was going to be as close as it was. But it was and the turnaround and dessert. You know, surprised everybody, and it kind of shouldn't have you know, nobody wanted to believe it at the time. But it happened more my conversation with Boris crouch nuke in just a minute or staying in Scranton stick with us. Staff. The dog started down the hill,.

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