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I'm tired today. Why you're already tired is the first show of the year? No but you know like wait. I've I've literally I treated the break like it was like I was in elementary school or Middle School and was just living my life like what you do all day. I slept left a lot. I watch so much like so. Many Doctors Wurster prices right. Because that's what I did. I went to break no such little those days for you know I just watched a lot of like net like shows. I was just really lazy. Because you know January January I was on a Wednesday or something and then the second was on the Thursday. So like why can't start any of my resolutions on Thursday so that'd be like today's the first day back but it's not my head it is your teeth. Look so why they do. Yeah thank you. I was going to get the bleach next week. They didn't get them done for the Globes I was going to and I just didn't have enough time when I got back but almost blue. They're so they're so. Gosh thank you guys. Wow aw I haven't done anything to them. Not even Chris White Strips just good old-fashioned toothpaste well by the way you looked stunning last night. Thank you will truly. Maybe my I say it every time but like maybe my favorite look today. Thank you so much. I know I got a lot of Compliments because it there's a little bit more toned-down toned down but it was elevated dated. It was like you went up a notch. Thank you because that's what I'm trying to do. Because my word for twenty twenty level up this is news. We haven't revealed that I don't know I don't know okay. So my word for twenty twenty is level up. Yeah but it's like it's like I made it up. I made up the rules so I can do. But it's like it's like a vibe. It's a word vibe. Hi but whatever you want so I want to level up in terms of everything in terms of like faith my fashion my work my hustle. My Body Body Mind Spirit like all aspects level up just level up. It's going to be a small level up. Could be a big level. Just go on a level. Yeah so I wanted to. I was really focused on doing that. For the Golden Globe so I was like studying a lot and just kind of like doing all the things and it included changing up my look a little bit. I enjoyed it fun. You're right I I don't know I don't know what happened last night but it just literally started like it was like the great gatsby known up. What's the damn what's the Damn Book? Clearly really ought not slept. I just kept running the whole day and like when you have a lot of makeup on like it. Just like they had to keep touching them and make up to the point where she was like can't do anything anymore. And it was like running down my face during my livestream To the point where I just had to be like I'm just emotional Taylor swift might win her first slowed tonight. Like I just had to play off because I was grabbing tissues in the middle of our livestream. What a pro you know what you gotTa do you gotta do but it was really like that was? I've never been to the actual Golden Globes before because last year. We did it from the East studio so this is my first time there the craziest coolest experience like ever again then. So there's this in Sao Party that they have after and Brad called me the night before and he was like. Hey I have a plus one. Do you WANNA be my date and I was like. That's that's a dream a thousand percent so we stay we watch this show in the hotel on the TV. And then we'd go because a party didn't start 'til eight so we go down and they're like hey you guys have to there's like a check in or whatever with your tickets or whatever so we go down to the lines so long Bradley so he literally lifts the whatever he knows like velvet robes. Get you clearly there blocking from getting over to the next 'cause all the winners and everybody that was in the Golden Globes is now assured into the party so everybody else is like waiting so we go in and literally poop right by Jason Momoa and his entire crew and just waltz right in tickets and wasn't like but we literally life. Nobody asked us for anything. They stamped in here you go. Wow that's amazing. There is something to that and I have some stories that I need to bore you with but were we've walked into places. I wasn't supposed to be because if you look like you know what you're doing and you look like you belong there and if you see by the way next up up if you're carrying a clipboard or something so you can walk into the White House. I mean you really if you act if you walk with a purpose and know what you're doing you can walk right in. It was amazing I was like Brad I bow down to you because if we WANNA win that line. We've would've gotten at like nine and I was leaving at nine thirty. Yeah got right in the thank you Jason. momoa part of his KERMA STOKE DOC right behind them to do. That's amazing your tickets. Anybody wants to see them. No okay cool. Did you see any corner actions in the style. It was like I couldn't even get over it like it's so crazy. The Star power. That was their Rita. Wilson toward the end of the night was just like walking around. She's knows brad she you like walks over. She's a burger and her hands like eating food. It's just like was so chill and cool and just like Martha Stewart was standing behind me in line to do the elevator thing and she was like we wanna get a diamond leash for snoop but we can't get one in time and I was just like what is life right now. Wow it was crazy crazy. Because that's like star Star Star. I was GonNa say I felt like the Golden I guess I never realized how star sudden e Alec like almost more than any other show this year. The Fun one right because you get to drink but also I think this year's nominees were definitely a lot more a-list than they've ever been next level a-list next everyone was read them beyond saying Jay Z.. Brought their own champagne I still ooh. Yeah you know I hear people say oh so boring goes who am. I really enjoyed it now. I was kind of distracted. I was just sitting in a chair staring right. But I loved Ellen Ellen speech allocate introducing Allen. Tom Hanks's speech. I love the whole. Leo Brad Bromance I am great. I love Phoebe Waller Bridge like what I saw. I love you till then then watching the audience was like so cool to like Taylor swift with an it was just. It was a really cool award. Show yeah it was it was. It was awesome. Brad Brad Pitt. Still just how we need Carson juicy her photo with him I was like I was like her photo around her story. It was a video of her. Like Brad Pitt passing by. And then she takes of votto with him and then the next one's a selfie with Taylor Swift I was like are you kidding hitting me. Where was she on the carpet? Somewhere you see. We were up on this balcony. We were doing our stream from the balcony. Thank God I wasn't down there. I would have been so distracted. There's no way Hey I would've been able to focus because I could barely see them like walking out of the limo and I was like yeah. They probably did that for a reason. Joe Smart move on on where they placed me. Yeah it was awesome. Yeah it was pretty cool. Yeah thanks for the heads up. Yeah that's good and EH. She did a lot of like what I love about her is that she was just like very bold like Taylor selfie like she didn't uh-huh flopped in front of Jennifer Aniston and feel like I would've walked away the photo Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston back for the first time since friends. And do you know all three green sisters were there. Last night I saw your post about. It was Jennifer. Aniston Reese Witherspoon. Chris applegate together again in. Somebody's Powell says. Please get a photo. The three of them please. I know missed opportunity. Because recent Jenner like. That's easy to get Christina. Yeah Wow wow. What a time to be a lot of time to be alive while speaking of let's combine this year Globes and you've been binging a lot of things are we caught up on the morning show? We watched watch the morning. Show how I don't even know how to get the more apple TV. Plus So. I have to have apple. TV No yet have apple TV plus. Well how do I get that to pay for it tunes and I think but you on your TV. How because you don't have A? Do you have an apple. TV tutoring have apple TV. What do you use for? It's just what do you watch Netflix. On My TV it's like built in but it's like a smart. TV Apple TV plus on a SMART TV TV. Seeing option for that. I can help you. I nearly beat Tech Tanya over here. Yeah I I I feel like I've been missing out on a lot of shows and stuff that could be benching because I thought I had to have my apple. TV which is like. I said storage because my place. I think it's it's about two. I'm thinking I'm going to be able to move back in this week. But anyways where what's going on with place flying flooded so you're all everything's in storage and your placed since November beginning November. Wow a long time. Yeah Yeah it's been fun two months. Yeah I've been pretty chill you know I'm pretty like I. You know because it was like Thanksgiving. I went home and then Christmas I went home. So it's it's been fine. I'm just I'm like you've been. I'm tired of living out of a suitcase. So so you know. Tell this Tommy with friends where you know. Well I've been thinking with Haley and then Yeah so dots. Dot's she's probably ready for me to go. Yeah it's like it's like oh I know just like living out of a suitcase just like I didn't get to decorate. My place is for Christmas. You know there's just things like that was like Bob and about but whatever it is what it is going to change it. Well if you watch the morning show my observation that I share with earlier. The Tanya is Bradley Jackson Reese Witherspoon character from that. Show I I. I've only seen trailers for..

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