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Pressure from within to cut carbon quickly. Russia has dismissed the outspoken head of its national anti Doping agency, Rosada after the Russian Olympic Committee accused him of presiding over serious financial violations. Regan has denied the allegations. He said he was being removed because he would not tolerate doping. Sarah Rainsford reports from Moscow. As the new head of the agency Rosada. Mr Kallas took a zero tolerance approach, increasing spot checks on athletes and refusing a request for a five minute warning when inspectors were on their way. His reforms and principles angered some here then this year in order to uncovered apparent irregularities in restart, his finance says now the director general has been removed following a unanimous vote. Yuri Callouses, called the report deliberately fabricated and believes he's being targeted for being so out, spoken about the persistent problems with cheating in Russian sports. The European Union's foreign policy chief shows A. Burrell has warned the Turkey will face EU sanctions if it continues with what he called its aggressive actions in the eastern Mediterranean. He said there was growing frustration with Turkey's behavior. Anchor has been exploring for gas in waters which neighboring Greece and Cyprus consider to be theirs. Wild news from the BBC. South Africa's former leader Jacob Zuma has accused President several ram opposer of betraying the governing African National Congress and surrendering control the white businesses. In a leaked letter, Mr Zuma said his successor was desecrating the graves of the country's liberation heroes. Mr Zuma is soon to face trial for multiple corruption allegations. In Britain and Irish national described as a leader of her people smuggling ring has pleaded guilty to his part in the manslaughter of 39 Vietnamese migrants found dead in the back of a lorry in Essex. Rowland Hughes, who's 40 appeared at the Old Bailey in London. Sangeeta Miska is at the court. It was in October last year that 39 Vietnamese migrants, including two teenagers, were discovered in the back of a sealed lorry trailer having suffocated to death. Among them eight women and 2 15 year old boys. The group had been transported in a container via ferry from the port of Zabrze Ger in Belgium to perf Leet in Essex. From there they were driven to a lorry park in grays. Hughes owned that Laurie. Today in court. The names of all 39 migrants were read out after each name Ronan Hughes pleaded guilty to his part in their deaths. Tight security is in place in Turkey after the death of a lawyer able Tim Chick who was on hunger strike in an Istanbul prison reports say scuffles broke out between police and her supporters at a medical center where the postmortem was carried out. Abreu. Tim Cheek, died on Thursday more than 200 days after she began refusing food, saying she wanted a fair trial. Poona Bear has killed a man and injured several other people at a campsite in Norway's Arctic Svalbard islands. Experts say polar bears have been forced into populated areas to look for food because their hunting grounds have diminished as the Arctic ice sheet melts due.

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