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It's an alley WBZ, Boston's news radio 3 43 traffic and weather together, the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic gone the threes. This went from bad to worse enough heart beat today, Rob the I'd certainly did, Ben. We've got all the Friday delays We used to remember. Plus we get a number of crashes on that upper stretch of 1 28, The South bound stud is jammed up. South of route 22 is you work your way down through Beverly down towards 1, 14 and Peabody and then more delays down by Rue one and then again from Linfield down to a crash before Route, 38 will burn in the left lane and then more delays through Lexington with a crash before route to a North bound side, his heavy from route 16 to the pike. Then more delays in Lexington and again, Ruth three a all the way up in the Lynnfield 93 North is slow leaving the city is you work your way up to the 1 28 cloverleaf. One North is tied up Sergeant Street to the Lynnfield Tunnel. Pike West Delays TV tower to Newton Corner Route 16 through west in downtown, the Lord Jack Back to Sullivan Square. The lever connector tied up both ways. Tobin out, found his busy up and over into Chelsea. Inbound is slow in the loop Ramp. Still drive East back towards Mass at the Ted Williams Tunnel West has filled in leaving Logan South, about Expressway, 30 minutes and end North bound side. Slow brain treated Neponset again approaching the O'Neill tunnel and watch for a crash on Route three south near Union Street. Rob Hackler, WBZ is traffic on the freeze in a couple of showers around and we'll be dealing with Hitler. Miss. Sprinkle or shower in a few spots is one of the cape and right now in a few back in towards parts of.

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