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On volume up all those up who's not who's not singing nickelback rockstar. That's great yeah you can and that's how he told he must he was bathing may doesn't trap meant he didn't just say among San not the hero they deserve what they hear that almost I let other people get the glory I'm really a giver doc so you're close with your pop very you'll go in laugh yeah I took him to a comedy show and see what's on stage Amancio started making jokes the the audience that was not around me laughing hysterically the audience around me at this point we're at the point where you were laughing I was laughing I loved it could loved it I don't know why that made me giggle yeah so cracking up and Mencia looked and he no he noticed the chain well there's a frequent yeah yeah the nest kicked on right it's getting warm in a pocket of club right we we we do that and he goes like you guys aren't laughing and he's and he said the words what is one of them here and I just raised my creepy little hand in the air like what that Oh my God and he goes eight hand they're very softened their work today Oh yeah because I have very soft hand collide people go what soft hands and I'm like never worked at that I don't I hold him I speak if something happens around the house that needs fixing So he saw me and then invited me up on stage and said I wanNA talk to you so I walked onstage could go so bad right like looking back on it as comics I would never do that so I walked onstage he asked me questions I answer the questions I wasn't trying to remember because I know I know the I laugh I got an Improv stage was said so what do you do for a living and ago and this is an Orange County California where I grew up and I go oh I work at Disneyland and there was a little laugh from the audience and then I turned to them and went fuck you not one of the seven that's and big laugh and I'm just like the seven Oh yeah yeah and then that was that was the first I was like oh I gotta do this and it's really interesting when I watched your special I'm sure you've talked about this ad Nauseam I used to know Nick Novak easy to remember next I nick is a another little person comic and LPC LPC's we'd like to say and I've known him since we were children way before comedy no way way before I know but we went to dwarf conventions together their convention you didn't know this now conventions wonderful we all go to the same hotel and anyone that goes to sleep drunk and just wakes up and doesn't know this Dwarf Convention freaks the fuck out love it they just go like what is happening because it's like a thousand wars ring with us in Wonderland pier the giant you met him at a convenient because of your shared interests in comedy kid kids so we so we just we conventions they try they try to dress them up like oh we're here for togetherness in community and their doctors come specializing dwarfism and then there's there's clothing exchanges their sporting events and by the way if you've never seen a dwarf track meet you have not lived a run or airy I didn't know I ran like that until I saw a tape of me running I go oh yeah I definitely do the dwarf run the door the door front I'm sure a lot of you know it but it's either it's either aside ways lamp or its legs going off to the side and not one in front of the other and there's a swivel it is hilarious and they tried is it up like that but really it's the reason for the commission is to get laid you guys are bone in each other off so much there's so much sex with the goodness I know your wife is not a dwarf correct that's right that's funny Oh my God oh you're a comedian are you good I just wanted my wife cow waters I don't know how to interview I hear that you can take the fact that I you know I'm not going to be offended and it's fine yeah I know but I'm like thinking about people being offended on your behalf and those people are stupid pizzas they're worried how easy it is to my question how egotistical are you that that someone says something that is about a certain group the group he's fine with it and you make it about you you selfish asshole like a joke about a certain group and I look at a member of that group and they're like laughing I go cool all right I worry I worry that sure that that that person like if you're at the Mencia show and you're laughing as I've said this before I was the fattest kid in junior high which means I was the fat kit and there were times when people would make fat jokes and would laugh right because you wanna look cool oh phone call me call me and they and they will go Big Big breath assists which is I know we lab now you're sitting next to my son made it I saw when I sweat from these I would stay on the phone Brad just show them that I was a good sport so I think we worry so this leads me to my question which forgive me sure that's not make the mistake of saying you represent a group I mean you when you go on stages of dwarf you have to address it in the same way that I don't know any any there's other there must be a comparison here but there's certain things with comedy we talk about ourselves well the guy who I think he got second or third he's he's he used to open for me is name is Ryan Knee Miller he's a comic and he was just on America's got talent he has two arms that are like ah one arm he has like a finger just one and then the army has like maybe two or three yup and they're dramatically shorter than what arms traditionally are so if he walked onstage ignored and didn't talk about that and I've said this before but if I went onstage and just start talking about groceries and that the airline food the whole audience just staring at me like does he know when is he aware Jeff Dunham puts the pits down yeah so I'm from Florida yeah there is what's that you have done I'm sorry can't wait okay you're not gonNA forget no because I don't want I don't want to Belabor this this isn't like a fucking heavy show it's fun but as I'm watching you do a lot of little people jokes and I go is he does he want to do these jokes or does he have to do these little bit of both jokes because I have to talk about it like we said and there's a part of me that wants to cerebral palsy is the comparison Josh blue Ah yes and the thing that I want to do the jokes because normally and this is what I love so much about stand up is normally dwarves in movies and TV shows someone else's controlling the message there's a writer there's a producer there's a that's right I say enter dwarf what's up guys get it on the side I gotTa keep my insurance but her writing it and you're doing it I'm in control the message I get control what the audience hears and I get I get to control what they experience so I control the I control the perspective and I can let them know like hey you know you may have thought this thing about little people this is what it actually is this is what we actually experience and I think in so far is discover this is that the audience is generally intrigued that's a world they are not familiar with a vast the vast majority you do have the benefit of curiosity right out the gate which is the best frequency is you can have to walk onstage and have the entire audience go oh what's this what's that like what's the story yeah what's the story what is this Syrian sure like if if someone walked onstage and said I was raised in a cult for twenty years and then just left it alone and be like get back to the called right I want to hear about you know so and now like after two albums and three specialists I'm really way from the from Dwarf Jokes I'll never be completely rid of them because it's the only directive I I right I don't have to tell the joke like Oh this is how day went from a from a five foot ten man's perspective right so when I talk about driving centimeters fund for a second I did think you were five times five times because you you at six nine so that's what five ten is to me I completely equal the whole world looks like a Katy Yeah you and Katie for you anyone below Ascot but about pappy Davis listening and I look at anyone over five foot is yeah that's all the same Hilarie if you're if you're six nine if you're five seven that same thing that's hilarious what difference to me but yeah so so I'm so after two three you're kind of fading out a little bit yeah but that's what I mean is there is a burden sure that you kind of get the luxury of moving away from like even Peter Dink Lidge the station agent did you see the station you know like he was I thought it was wonderful watching the station agent as dwarf is required like they they told us at the meeting you to watch stop your door nine I'm sorry I said adorable it's thirty three's but you are fun I tend to become the person I'm interviewing horrible but I feel like that's more for you to say it's fine you're valley and sixty nine wow this room and nothing extraordinary stop the fucking the station agent so you any did that but Dingo is one of those guys sorry I know Gingrich has to be somebody that you've thought about because he's has faded out his he seems like one of those guys nine bullshit he went on Saturday night live and I know this because I know several cast members and writers he told them as the host he goes no dwarf jokes I love it absolutely not and there's a part of me that wishes jokes and up in a part of me that just insanely respects him for doing that yeah but just goes no I'm not going to be that guy yeah and like and then he he did some great sketches on their heated one where he was with Gwen Stafani senior song called space pants and it was it was fucking great I it was awesome how I don't remember that not one reference to being a little one reference pretty during the entire show and I was just waiting for it I'm just like come on go on they do it is he gonNa do it and then know how did that feel it felt like like I said I was kind of torn about it because I go that would have been a great opportunity to do some dwarf jokes and Corrective Way make fun of People like my Dad Oh yeah no vegetables that's something like that so like yeah I feel like there's a little bit an opportunity missed but at the same time what a great thing to do where you just go no this is about that this is about me hosting this classic show I'm going to do that right it it was really it was really admirable and I really would that part but there there is a weird so here's how it all comes full circle so that's how I got started was Mencia called me up on stage I made yeah I made the audience laugh I got bit by the bug proceed I love fast forward to you entered the spider verse about four months ago I was at the Houston Improv and ICS Dwarf in the audience and I'm doing jokes and he's laughing says the movie rockstar he realized that right it is Walberg I've seen it I stand up and share that's how that's how you know life is too long both seen Rockstar says on the cover it's not my best work that's not that great I see this is us is he's a little person and he's laughing and I do a couple of jokes about him any laughs you're you're laughing like you're you're having a great time and I go what do you do for a living he goes I'm a stand up comic get out and I go you proud did you beam it's like Oh my God yes oh great and how long have you been doing it goes about four about four years and I go would you like to do it right now and I was forty minutes into my set so I did uh-huh comics should ever do but in this I gave up the microphone I just didn't get up here and the audience was cheering and I do I wonder if you had burned any of his MRS if I probably like to me like we were talking about cerebral palsy new faces there was a hilarious young woman forgetting her name that cerebral palsy and if she was show Josh there's a conversation backstage shirt like hey what what are you doing my doing it's like the ex we all have this Jay's going to do his jokes about dads are great I need to know right I need to comics going on stage that just had kids we gotta go okay what are you talking about and so this kid is kind of in a tricky position because you did forty awesome stand up comedy he does five minutes did you lied him standing ovation Oh.

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