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Call you know it's if someone gives you a reference in its hot company here hot company there it's so easy to be a fair weather vc and and it and it feels good to like get to call in o'brien cesca your whoever says then get to do a reference but ultimately the the best references the most useful ones will be the ones when it's a company that has been going sideways or didn't succeed or you know even the ceo is like going talk to those people and you'll really figure out what that vc has made of and you wanna know like you don't a fair weather fan on your on your board you want someone who will do the work and there are lots of those there are a lot of those those which are weaker people yap was not necessarily malevolent for age more cheerleading yeah or and when things are good there there and then they don't than onto the hardware nia and also astle's shouldn't death the either by a standard ask absolutely and he said this was great talk to you it an interesting discussion and i the feeling you're gonna be running everything some day as sense um um and thank you for coming on the show i think he's having me and taking your fifty minutes lots i really appreciate now i feel badly for being late and thanks to teddy sleeper for rico from cohosting with me today if you enjoy the interview as much as i did be sure to subscribe to the show be the first to listen to future episodes or catch up on previous episodes he can find nearly two hundred past interviews and whatever app you use to listeners are on our website rico dot net slash podcasts you have a minute please leave us a review on apple podcast that helps other people find the show for your information for anyone will be at south by southwest in march will be doing some my podcast their box media is taking over the belmont about a 10minute walk from the austin convention center and i already have booked some really amazing guests be there in alive when a live audience setting now that you're done.

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