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Tuesday was nice for the Capitals. Now do it again. They have to. It's another must win tonight for the capital's on Tuesday. They spoiled the Islanders chance in a serious sweep, but that's not a surprise the Islanders, said Coach Barry Trotz who didn't have enough push, We didn't have enough will to meet a good, desperate team. I know a lot about that core. There's you know, obviously some real strong character there and he should know 11 players remain for the capital Stanley Cup winning team that was coached by Barry Trotz. The Bruins Avalanche would like they all move on to the second round. The Canadian stay alive with the 531 over the Flyers that nationals. The Braves raid out last night that we made up September forthe bluejays complete the sweep in Camden Yards for the five to win over the Orioles. Still, the Mystics there seven game losing streak over a beat Atlanta last night. Stella Johnson, a rookie, just signed by the team led the way with Five points. The end a draft lottery tonight, right? Nowthe Wizards have the ninth overall selection a chance to move up to a top four pick. They could not pick lower than 13th. Overall. Every wizard general Major Tubby Shepherd evaluating prospects, not just about what they do on the court, but how they are off the court. So we do deep dives. We had a lot of great until we gather our people. You know, I've been around this 27 years, people could still for you, but it's harder and harder every year and different When I was growing up, we were preying on parents never found out what we did. These kids put everything out on social media, so it makes it easy to yes, even in the embassy. They scout Twitter. Facebook. Dave Johnson of the L P Sports Coming up. A former president was a featured speaker last night at the Democratic Convention will recap some of what he said. 7 47. Hi. This is Dr Tolchinsky from Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital. Rocky Gorge has been here for you and your pets for 70 years and there is nothing not even a pandemic that will stop us from taking care of your pets. 24 7 365 days a year..

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