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If you're filled with laugh and tears and plenty of moisture all around. I'm super excited to get into all of this. I let me bring on my co host Liana Boris Liana. How're you doing. I am great. I know we've been covering big brother, but it has been a minute or million. Maybe I don't know. I don't do math, but I'm excited to be back into talk about everything survivor and really dig into this episode. Christian would admonish you for the Matthew just did in that. He would give you an extended monologue that we've edited across several time lap shops over the course of a confessional. I'm extremely excited here because we are in a very unique position where outside of rob, we haven't had any former survivor contestants come onto the podcast. We are very happy to have the ice broken by someone who not only has played the game before, but actually one year ago, we got to watch her brave. The wilds of Fiji when conditions were much more hospitable over the course of her season from survivor triple age roar Gluskin. We're putting it in Rourke, welcome to the BNB. Thank you so much for having me. Of course, I feel I feel welcomed into this. We into this hotel, this town, we put out the good throw pillows for you. We knew you were coming into town really roll out. Throw pillows are the ones that Patrick Bolton was trying to throw in vain at that one target. During that one challenge, they might be a bit beaten up and covered with whatever Patrick had all over his hands. But you know what we put out the best for your Brooke. Thank you so much. I feel since really treasured and honored well, before we get into survivor thirty, seven work, I know that you sort of gave your background on survivor during the initial iterative of first one out, but for the uninitiated a, can you give a bit of background as to, you know, when you got into the show and specifically when you became such a hardcore fan. Sure. I mean, I think along with the rest of America pretty captivated from the beginning, and then after I kind of went about my high school in college years, didn't have a TV in college fell out a little bit. So I sort of had to binge watch some of the that middle range in the early two, thousands and then started like watching consistently and always felt like I was pretty alone in that, you know, would find like the one co worker friend who also watched survivor. And we would talk about it at the water cooler, but I've always felt like pretty alone in the fandom. And then you know, there's this whole great RJ p community, and you find your fellow nerds. And here. Christian and Gabby. You find your fellow nerds and you. Yeah, I was gonna say we can make our, it's the, you know, the RH EP nerd alliance survivor China, cly platonic -ly. Of course, I think that clear. Well, I'm really excited to talk about this episode not just to have you here work because this won't be my designated discussion question, but I want to start by talking about the overall episode and all throughout a a bit of a topic here that I also mentioned on Twitter. This might be my favorite season premiere out of any of the survivor seasons in their thirties, and apologies of defending the one person on this panel who was on survivor season in the thirties, but there's just so much good stuff going on here..

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