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The districts who are really they're looking after themselves. Let's just put it that way. All the districts are looking for their their areas. And it becomes a problem with getting things done on the city council up. Because you have to have coalitions and to do things well care for those guys. Strict members want it just like congress. They try to get all the fat. You know, all the spending for their district buddies shuffling around for that. And so you have a big budget. The city is become that somewhat. I mean, the the east Austin council members want the money spent an east coast don't much care about west awesome. They think we can take care of ourselves. But, but again, this is a citywide issue we need to take care of we need for Senator Watson to help us. Yes. We need some credit to drive down university. The university of Texas has a valuable asset worth probably one hundred million dollars. Right and daily Garza said you only go raise money for that. And didn't indicate how much the city would help towards that. But we've got some hard work ahead of us and anybody's listening out there that wants to make a big contribution. They should. Contact your head. We'll talk to him there some tax advantages to try putting it in a conservation easement putting it into a foundation. But also there's education to be had with some of the council members about about who plays Muny. And and I think in the next few weeks, it would be a proxy their next few much be process of saying, listen, this is not just a a west often playground. Well, that's right and university students use use line. So it's an amenity for the university of Texas as well. And so we need to all pitch in and figure out a way to save. That course, right? Just say this if private money does that ultimately, we need to make sure. That we keep the green fees. Exactly what they are now or maybe they won't change much. Right. Even if the course is has renovation by Ben Crenshaw Bill Kluwer, if the amenities are the driving ranges may pretty and everything city Boston is not gonna suffer. The residents are not going to suffer because of that. Now, the out of town people are out of state people that come into Austin, the play lines. They're gonna pay a little more money. Yeah. I don't mind saying that because you've got to make it a viable avaiable business. Right. But we can raise the money for the improvements for sure. And maybe for a portion of the golf course purchase. But you know. You know, there's places in Austin where forcible housing should be or other improvements. It's not on a ninety five year old piece of Greenspace that had been recreational space and people enjoy so I'll get myself. I still think the university of Texas could be a player in this too. Because as you said Scottie, this is the closest golf course to campus.

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