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The hottest places to eat in and around Detroit listen to dining with Dana every Thursday at seven fifty eleven fifteen four fifty find a way to take your taste buds before the kick off the weekend every Thursday on news talk seven sixty W. J. R. March is developmental disabilities month angels place which provides loving homes and professional support to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities is partnering with W. J. R. cares throughout the month of March angel's place operates twenty homes throughout Wayne Oakland and Macomb counties angels play strives to provide exceptional care for life please donate today at angel's place dot com angel's place parts inspiring him serving homes in during since nineteen ninety two please donate today at angel's place dot com it is both sacred and profane it is a romantic love and carnal desire this is the power of this is join the Detroit symphony and me for call for six tickets start at fifteen dollars this is D. as call three one three five seven six fifty one eleven with support from FCA violations Thursday Justin March twelfth two with and the Detroit symphony orchestra the Frank Beckman show news talk seven sixteen WJAR you know we love talking or audience on the show eight hundred eight five nine zero nine five.

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