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His location was a little off today. There was more balls towards the middle of the plates. But it was not like ball is being hit hard. It was just awesome contact if found holes and, you know, like I said, we gave them the four the one ending, and that was kind of, you know, what really costs them? There was a potential double play. That was not turned behind Brandon Woodruff in the third inning that. Would have ended the NATO instead the pirates ended up scoring four runs Woodruff not alone and giving up runs junior gear. Jeremy Jeffers, Josh hater all end up giving up runs haters charged with his first blown save of the year. But Matt Albers throws two scoreless innings and Adrian Hauser throws two scoreless innings as he's able to pick up the win and he improved to one and one that is his first career major league win brewers and the pirates wrap up the series this afternoon. Zach Davies gets the start. Our coverage starts at twelve noon. NHL Stanley Cup final yesterday. It's the Bruins picking up the win over the blues final score seven two. They now lead that series two games to one game four of the series in Saint Louis. Coming up on Monday NBA finals later on today. Raptors and warriors in Toronto and Toronto leads that series one. Oh map. Paulie WTMJ sports. If you are a golf fan like me, just to get you catch up on some of the big tournaments happening the. The US women's open has a two person leaderboard you Lynn of China and Selena Bouteyre are at seven hundred Lexi Thompson one stroke behind as they will play the final round in Charleston today the PGA tour is in nNcholas country. The memorial tournaments Germany's Martin primer fifteen hundred power after three rounds at of Scott two shots behind Jordan Spieth part of the group that is four shots behind. We'll get another check of your five day forecast in just a moment. And then we'll be hearing from former Packers president and CEO Bob Harlan and his memories of the late Bart star dates.

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