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Working folks across the country have got the short end of the stick over enough of us in the fight of my life and it will continue to be so vice president Joe Biden called Warren the fiercest of fighters on Twitter writing we need her to continue to work in the Senate Bernie Sanders tweeted without Warren the progressive movement would not be nearly as strong as it is today Lisa thanks Rachel right now the Dow is down nine hundred twenty two points America is listening radio T. L. B. J. on John Cooley distance but you buy my furniture market dot com blames the county plows transparency as the fight to protect against corona virus continues judge bill Gravelle says he wants to reassure the people of Williams and counting the moment there is a confirmed case in Williamson County if that were to happen we will share that information with you because the county is working to stay on top of any potential problem saying as complete confidence in county health officials the worst thing that can occur at this time there's a sense of panic or sense of fear well says they're preparing for the worst praying for the best and expecting anything and he says the county is prepared to discuss any budgetary items tied to corona virus women if needed Patrick Osborne newsradio guilty J. as the city of Austin deals with a pretty consistent rise in crime staffing shortages remain a problem for Austin police on multiple fronts assistant chief Troy gay says as of February fifteenth the department has already blown through nearly three quarters of its nine million dollar budget overtime dominating much of it we should be right around the fifty percent but we have spent a six point six million today but over time has predominately been spent on patrol officers a PD has one hundred and forty two open positions Austin based job search company indeed called on its sixteen hundred employees this week to work from home because of the corona virus Austin Travis county medical director Dr mark Escott says it's probably not time for all companies to take that step but it is time to consider the possibility because you know we see outbreaks of flu going through businesses that serve substantially impact their ability to to continue so these are things that companies should be considering but he says we're just not at this stage right now we're calling on businesses to keep employees at home is.

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