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Plans for delivery delays after Brexit AP correspondent Charles de LA desma reports the pharmaceutical group says. Uncertainty in the Brexit negotiations has led to planning for no, deal scenario, with a senior manager making it clear that patient, safety is the company's main priority, concern is growing in Britain about a no, deal Brexit abruptly ending forty years of cohesion and triggering tariffs I'm boulder checks that could delay shipments of everything from food and fuel to clothing on cars the larger fear, is that Britain could drop out of Europe wide agreements the Devon areas. Such as aviation and prescription drugs. Even, the dirt on the grounds making climate change worse according. To a study. Published in the journal nature plans capture massive amounts of carbon and pump it into the soil where it. Usually stays for Hundreds or thousands of years observations taken from across the globe show as temperatures have warmed Beccaria and fungi. In the soil are becoming more active study says these turbocharged microbes are feeding on dead leaves. And plants and releasing more heat trapping carbon dioxide into the, air researchers, have analyzed sensor readings soil measurements plant growth data, and satellite observations and what's the, most comprehensive study yet of the climate change, impacts of soil scientists say is the world continues to warm the soil will release even more carbon that it's been holding Australian golfer Jared Lyles opted not to seek. Further treatment in his long fight against leukemia Lyle who's. Suffered recurrences of the disease since first being diagnosed as a teenager will receive palliative care at home in a post on. Lyles Facebook page his wife, says vile, who's thirty six has reached his. Limit and that he and his doctors had agreed a positive outcome was no longer, achievable Lyles wife says he's given everything. He's got to give and his poor.

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