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Cool you see on there. I was helpful in putting together. Anything bad one hundred percent But so joseph says man digs makes that interception at the end of the game we would have a different discussion. And if and that was so close i mean literally touched almost alternatives his fingertips. I don't know how well you saw that they're even with your super hawkeye vision. Sorry thom But if he does make that pick then. I do think the conversation is dan. Quayle did it. You know what. I mean like this defense win. The super bowl trayvon two interceptions. It is truly a game of inches in that particular sense. I mean you still have to give it to digs like being there in. Like almost getting it. I i know i hate. We hate to almost arrogant so hurts but like last year you couldn't walk up to us and like hit us with the football in the helmet and be like take this and like have created like i know it's an almost but he also had what he had and pick earlier in the game. Is that right. yeah again. Don't have hawkeye vision like tom. So i did have hard time. Seeing that burns wants to note that hawkeye is the worst avenger. So tom. That was my point. Oh so it's like a self deprecating things time. Well i thought you were really passionate. I didn't know if you know if you were like an archer of spare time. That didn't know what was going on here. Seen something flowing flying around. And i'm a guy with the boa an arrow come on interesting. That was We'll try to get this back on track. Tony let's talk briefly about the washington football team who plays two days from now on thursday night. Against the new york giants super pumped to watch these two pedestrians. Tell you But quarterback ryan fitzpatrick will six to eight weeks with a hip injury that he suffered early in the game last week during their loss against the los angeles chargers. I am not somebody who believed in ryan fitzpatrick this season. Call me by comma home or whatever I did not think that that was the like magic answer to this team. I was thrilled when it was chicago. Traded up to draft fields and not washington but the next eight weeks for the washington. Football team tony. Our new york on thursday night at buffalo who will probably get right by then at atlanta. Who did us no favours falcons. You suck then the saints and chiefs at home before. They travelled green bay and denver before thereby they do host. The buccaneers after that by Is washington in the mix at all if they were in the mixed this impact them like how do you see. They're standing in the division at this point in time and burns asks do they sign camp so you know. I think this is deeply impacts. They rate i mean if you look at the start of the season. We're only one game in so you can still kind of have those. You don't want to get too high or too low based on one week of action I washington is perceived to be our biggest threat in the division and they just lost their starting quarterback for six day weeks for a guy who has taken grad glasses So so now. So he's out there and you look at it and it's yes they have you know equality defense and they have probably the best collection of front seven you know at least eline guys in believe deeply impacts the way that you look at it. 'cause six day weeks they could be. What two four. Two one five in that strategy one game. Do they win here. Because i fancy graphics tony look down but right now i'm looking at it. Look at it right. You look at the giants i mean. I mean that's iceberg slim. Says they will be right off the bat. So and i would love that. I mean i could see them. You know i guess the only game looking at it is new york and maybe denver. They give him a run. I mean i. I smoke in washington easily at mile. Stadium earth all right. Whatever suits right. So yeah i mean washington. By the time he gets back it could be you know tank season. Not really you know what i mean facetiously but you know. We're looking at a different a different way if you're sitting there at seven So tom what's washington's record. Going to be their own one here. These are their next seven games and thereby meg. I'm coming to you nick. So none of this like. I'll put me on the spot. But tom tom. We'll go through one by one winner. Lauch four washington new york on thursday. I think they've got a good chance of warning that because they are going up against jason garrett's offense. So best best possible great so one one at buffalo all right cool one to atlanta. I think atlanta wall pull themselves together after they let us down so badly. And so i say that is likely loss atlanta this tom all right so one and three new orleans and kc back to back. Oh boy that's a tough tough pair games man. I can't see them. It looks like jimmy. Us will winston. I actually have found coats that can get him to the operate efficiently. So i don't see them wanting that. And jesus still the cheese patrick mahomes. They're they're good. And then at lambeau well depends. O- at that point has aaron. Rogers succeeded in what appears to be an attempt to get them to been kim or not because performance in the opening week was almost deliberately to not go out and play a good game. I mean i don't know how to describe it Green bay looked horrible. So that i'm not sure but yeah that one that one could be a surprise because a rebate me about to be come really off the rails and then and then at denver after that i think denver can probably be so may at best i think they could be two than six but now since he wanted seven out of the realm of possibility at all. If you're with us live by the way on youtube please let us know what you think. Washington's record will be at the break their own one now they have seven games between now and then no Six games between already lost three four. Five six seventy seven games between that. So what will their record. They will have played eight games at the by very embarrassing. Moment for me Right there tom. You have them at two and six. Maybe and yeah. I think though they'll look into something. Maybe it's the falcons game. Maybe the saints game like maybe something weird like again. It is football but to be very clear we are talking about. It seem that we all believe is extraordinarily bad. We all beyond a shadow of doubt believed that they will beat the giants which is embarrassing for the giants. Make what do you think Dot says one and seven here Christopher summers says one in seven category where wanna see these baked goods maquette one in seven dallas. Theon arrays with tom. Who are you gonna copy. Here may one in seven to sixty on your own way. owen eight. maybe maybe..

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