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Wheelchair games and i enrolled myself in school all within a matter of two months after getting back all of that stuff happened so that you know it's just a testament to that one moment in time changed my whole trajectory and you know and eventually i wanted it to be able to offer that same experience other people well i think it's some of the pearls of wisdom you're giving us here is the power of family right mom helps you get through the end of it without saying words in some regards because you didn't want to make her life any worse you end up friend who for two years didn't give up trying to motivate you to go out to adaptive skiing and that perla wisdom is those of us out there talking to people shouldn't give up don't want them say no once here this guy had to stay on you for two years and the third pearl wisdom years there's something to be said for getting back in the game and the adrenaline that comes from it to make you feel that you're living life again isn't there yeah you know you can't always day in your comfort zone especially not if you ever want to improve situation or excel life in anything he really got a three or something in lion's den once in a while because you know it's much like getting in a fight in school when your kid it teaches you a lot about yourself not your capability of fighting our survival but how you handle those those moments the pressure in one of the things you found out at the adaptive sports games and the national veterans wheelchair games what was that a lot of the guys could or couldn't come back the next time around if they didn't have the right financing and and that moved you into the foundation and the company called oscar mike tell us that story yeah well shortly after that event i went to the national veteran wheelchair games and you know i think i had gotten sponsored to my first to events and you know you realize then that and they tell you it ahead of time that usually your first year it's a little bit easier to find whether you know a nonprofit organization to support you in that first event but after that you gotta figure it out on your own and if you're a higher level cadre pelagic or or somebody that needs assistance you have to get airfare to the event you have to get a hotel room for a week you have to double up all that if you're bringing a caregiver and you normally have to pay for that person's food and all their expenses for the week too so you know you multiply everything that you gotta go through times too if you need support and you can find out real quick that though that that's just isn't an option for most people and then you're left thinking as anybody would there well adapted sports obviously saves people's lives there's at the wheelchair games they've probably take hundred individual accounts of that happening and and then you also quickly find out that money is a barrier eventually for who knows how many people that don't get to experience that because of that so you know very ignorantly said i want to change that and we'll start a nonprofit and you know i went and i asked a buddy of mine that i went to high school with us and attorney to file the necessary paperwork for us and told me right then i came in either taking up to two years to get approved right now just to warn you that fine go ahead and file it we'll file for an llc a business right away and start getting the word out there we'll sell tshirts will start raising some money for apparel sales and by the time i'm that thing gets approved or we might have some traction and that's basically how the two different entities were born and the what's the purpose of.

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