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On today's show. Alan grant elliott sadler and ian effing malcolm return in cinema con footage for jurassic world dominion benedict cumberbatch and kirsten done his head into the american west from the writer director of the piano. And ethan hunt even hunk breath bad by a bad guy rule for the next blunt house thriller. I am smitten by ethan hawke. Let's go and we are live. Hey steve i just watched gatica. What's up hey sure did yeah. Handsome hawk back in the back in the pictures yes He apparently scaring the bejesus out of Or creeping amount at least. We'll get to that when we get to the news. How was your day scott. Oh pretty good. Pretty good like i said watch. Gatica saw this awesome interview with director of a documentary regarding one of my first. Vhs experiences did you. Did you see that Did you see that interview that happened. I yeah i have. I happen to catch it. You were there. Oh yeah i was actually there okay. I'm sorry i didn't see there. Yeah though of course not focused on ernie and you should because his documentaries looks like it's going to be awesome one thing that that That i wanted to do. We just didn't. We didn't do it and i apologize to earning for this was show his trailer. So we're going to show the trailer now and You know hopefully. He won't be too upset with me. Oh come on. we're this love. I love howard the duck. I do truly appreciate the howard. The duck fans. I'm glad that there are people who appreciate all the effort that was put into making this movie. I can't believe you don't have other people saying that. That's unbelievable to me. How did you look at that docking. Go this is acceptable..

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