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It matters to you. It's on K Y W News radio. Three things to know what to 45 President Trump and the first lady have tested positive for covert 19 and are said to have Mild symptoms. For now, the president's campaign visits are in limbo while he's in quarantine and former Vice President Joe Biden wishes the president a swift recovery as he and his wife test negative for covert 19. That's all ahead in the next 15 minutes. Good afternoon. I'm Denise Know Cano. Greg Orlandini is at the editor's desk along with Dan Micah. Philadelphia's experience with same day paid jobs for the chronically unemployed is just over a year old and officials are so pleased with the results. They're more than doubling the number of slots available. K Y. W. City Hall bureau chief Pat Lobe reports officially sanctioned same day program started with mural Arts, hiring People in Love part to beautify suburban station. It was so popular the city added 10 spots for neighborhood improvement. The expansion that city officials announced today will provide 40 spots and for the first time we'll hire the workers through neighborhood groups to expand the labor pool. Darnell Scott of the group one day at a time, says the low barrier jobs and the immediate reward of pay at the end of each shift could work people away from you. Crying before we try to get the guns and the drugs out there head with nothing there. How did they eat for tonight? Where shelter coming from? But now with the same day program were able to say, Listen, this is worth something you could build a future with there is no future. With the drugs taken from me. The expanded pool will work for the quarter Cultural society. Improving vacant lots, which President Matt Raider says also prevents crying, cleaning and greening. A vacant lot can reduce gun violence by 29% within a quarter mile, half million dollar program is expected to start later this year. Dear Pat Lobe K Y. W News radio. It's 2 48 in America's highways continue to be safer, CBS News correspondent Jim Chris Ula explains. Traffic deaths in the U. S. Fell for the third consecutive year in 2019, and the downward trend is continuing into this year, with people driving less because of Corona virus. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says Nearly 36,100 people were killed on the nation's streets and highways last year. 2% drop from 2018 pedestrian deaths dropped 3% last year. Bicyclist. Fatalities were also down 3% while motorcycle deaths dropped a half percent. Jim Krystle, a CBS News president, Trump is not the first world leader to be infected by the new Corona virus. CBS's Elaine Cobb has more Britain's prime minister bars. Johnson fell sick in March after he was accused of being too complacent about the pandemic. He ended up in intensive care. Brazil's president, gyroball scenario also fell ill with covert 19, as did Russia's Prime minister, Mikhail Ms Houston. Others who have tested positive include Britain's Prince Charles, Monaco's Prince Albert and the presidents of the Honduras, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. Elaine called CBS NEWS PARIS It's 2 49 and the Golden State. Tired of inaction in Congress wants to create a blueprint for a slavery reparations more on that now. I'm reporter Holly Kwan, California is the first day to try and move the idea forward. The task force is charged with coming up with remedies and determining who's eligible for compensation. The hope is this could be a blueprint for other states to follow The bill by San Diego. Assemblywoman Shirley Weber directs a study of how public and private institutions benefited from slavery and how that led to future disparities and wealth, education and jobs. With the fifth largest economy in the world. If we could do it, others can do it. Also, critics argue. Reparations are a federal Responsibility, not a state. One. Holly Kwan for CBS News, Oakland, California Backups on the Scougall will take a look at traffic coming your way next, your high school who could take part in one of the most valuable programs in the nation for free they wanted. New studies offer students a chance to learn about journalism from our award winning team. Take part in this priceless educational experience, go to a double U news, radio.

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