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No dude it's the first day get on board do you think this is what the song crazy trains about that as the osborne did probably anyway today roller coaster designs are i feel like they've reached just unfathomable levels of like elian bish shit today's like designed to rip your soul from your body and then like return after thirty corkscrew and they're so short to lie shorter the long but mostly well yeah i mean they can be designed i think son of the beast came out when i was i mean old enough to remember it to come out this kings island which wouldn't really critical the beast and they're like what if we made a super wild roller coaster like these metal roller coasters that are coming out that have these like mag launchers and all this shit but we made it out of wood and also it's going to take you five minutes from start to finish and it's gonna go through forty loops is like a novel of a roller coaster but yeah about loving amusement parks like your main point of reference kings island kings island is definitely up there i have a list of the best parts but i used to be terrified i used to be terrified of roller coasters would not ride them i would sit at the gate while my family road them i was just so scared i know there's lots of people out there who still are and that's totally cool do not mean to sound like i am like excluding you maybe fourteen or fifteen before i even we'll even a dull there's some full like this is not their jam and i totally get that but i did kind of get over this fear when i was like fourteen or so and i felt like i had to make up for lost time i also and this is not a joke i feel like playing rollercoaster tycoon made me appreciate a lot more because it made me like kind of appreciate what a marvel of engineering a good roller coaster is not only does it have to work and work safely it has to be designed with like more abstract ideas in mind like pacing like it has to not completely overwhelm passengers at.

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