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Car crash and at age forty four putting the death aside i became very interested in jackson pollock for a moment it's not that i never heard of him so i was reading at his paintings sold for as much as a hard 100 and thirty two million dollars i couldn't believe the number one hundred thirty two million dollars may be more by today okay and is struggling had nothing when he was a an artist and then someone said why a jackson pollock's paintings worth millions of dollars was an article written a number of years ago and it it said if you go over his name or if you're searches name for jackson pollock you get something like one million responses or whatever it's called hits in a search engine psycho gugel mina michael savage six million came up gould michael savage six million six megan six million gluco my name michael savage you'll get six million references to make six million six million i said this is pretty awesome because i don't really know this i live in my own world a voice in the wilderness i broadcast primarily from isolated locations on my own and i don't really know who i am reaching i know my books are bestsellers trump's war government zero stop the coming civil war scorched earth one after the other one seller after another and yet i am vilified by the bolshevik media although i'm more famous than some of the most famous artists in american history the people who run the tv media the bolsheviks have never in recent years had me on their shows why is that why do you think i am not allowed on fox news cnn are msnbc because the bolsheviks don't want an intelligence compat and taliban competitor who can run them off the road with sheer logic that's the answer you understand the propaganda what we are facing today they do not want an educated man on the right because i violate the stereotype that they want to paint of some knuckle dragging nazi do you understand that or not not all people on the right support the nazi movement most stone don't most conservatives do not support the ku klux klan most don't and we are sick of utah brushing us as members of the ku klux klan and the nazis because we are not and was sick of it and trust me if you keep this up you're.

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