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News and talk. Good morning. Your time is seven o'clock on this Tuesday, December 15th time. Scott Slade, Welcome to Atlanta's Morning news and updating the rest of his top local story. Early voting now on the way in Georgia for a second day ahead of next month's US City run off elections in here come the political heavyweights. I'm WSB, said Group, Reagan's Give the people of Georgia to new senators will fight for your interest. That was Joe Biden in a campaign stop in Atlanta only a week before the general election. Now he takes his president elect title for a test drive a drive in rally this afternoon in the Kirkwood neighborhood to support Democratic Senate runoff contenders. Jonah softened, Raphael Warnock, says our political analyst Bill Crane, I think it will be a solid plus in terms of Attention fund raising an organization. This is Chris Camp Live. He Biden visit today. Vice president Pence Day after tomorrow in Columbus and Macon for senators, Purdue and Leffler expected to continue to hammer that the Democrats are bent on an agenda of raising taxes and, uh, pending the criminal justice system for Pence. It'll be his fourth visit to Georgia since the November election. The president elect's visit. Today is a 1 30. Basically till 4 p.m.. It'll take place of the Kirkwood neighborhood of the east side of downtown Atlanta at an abandoned train yard. The now serves quite often is a movie set. Make sure you tune in for those triple team traffic updates for any road closures this afternoon on 95.5, WSB Pritchard's 71 36 degrees. I'll tell you when rain returns in five minutes. I'm WSB meteorologist Kirk Mellish, wearing the cap fired checks of trouble on the East Side Interlude 25 South that covers and highway one jumper that I 20 or both sides account is a little bit slow. The approach died 25. I'm around that trouble in 400, nor the coming next to the sky cop there, Doug Purple 95.57 jeffy. But he must be news time is 702. This is Atlanta's morning news. Here's Marcie Williams said. John take above the covert 19 vaccine arrives in Georgia, double The SPS Michelle Wright joins us live with details on where the first doses airheaded and the security there under Jed. It's been a waiting game for patients and care facilities like Isaacs and Livings locations. But now that the vaccine is here, explains CEO Donna More. It is a huge sigh of relief. First nearly 6000 doses are in the Savannah Brunswick area, and getting the vaccine delivered required A lot of coordination and security at Crowl with the Georgia Motor Truck Association tells Channel two. There's two types of security concerns. There's one the security breach. The other is just the continuity or the protection of the product itself that is keeping it properly refrigerated, keeping it properly. Track officials chose coastal Georgia for the first delivery to make sure that the transportation protocols work. Reporting live. Michelle, right? 95.5 ws as the first shots are administered. The U. S death toll crosses 300,000 Los Angeles County alone, New Covert cases are up 370% in just one month and the state's Central Valley. There are no ICU beds. Left reporter Jonathan Vaguely, Adi says. New Jersey's governor warns the next few weeks they're going to be held. State now has the highest covert death rate in the nation. FDA Advisory Committee takes up the Madonna vaccine later this week. Emery has been a critical part of those trials. If approved, as expected, Americans could start getting those shots next week. New this morning, Lennox Square installs metal detectors as a visible sign of increased security. After several shootings in and around the mall this year. Mall owner Simon Properties is adding canines to the already enhanced police president Man was wounded in the shooting at the Apple Store last month. Earlier this month, shoppers you hear gunfire and scattered, police say. That was an accidental discharge by man adjusting his waistband inside Neiman Marcus, an expert witness testifies the death of Ross Harris son in a hot car could have been an accident goes into work absolutely certain that the child is in this case daycare Dr David Diamond says parents operating outside the daily routine can forget they left the child in the backseat. Harris's defense seeks a new trial. He's serving life motions continued today in Cop Superior Court Insurance Institute for Highway.

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