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Ounce and a half and those vehicles But on a conventional car, you can use just one ounce of the ice 32 in your Rydell more than announced would probably be a little bit too much. But you got to remember what that stuff does. It goes it'll. It'll cycle throughout the whole system and Hittle attached refrigerant oil That's in places It doesn't need to be, and he will all pull back into the compressor, and it will stay there because it's a polarized Lubricate. And he will, uh, you know the when you've got a clutch engaged on the compressor that creates a magnetic field and keeps the ice 32 in the C compressor. As opposed to being Stronach all over the system, and especially in those evaporator, But yeah, it'll definitely make a huge difference in as far as the cold output of your system itself. All right, let's go ahead. I think we got one final open mic to hit Chase. Go ahead. The last Open mic. Hey, Larry John, from Merritt Island, Uh, 2000 and one Honda Civic little four cylinder engine. No star condition but replace the battery replaced starter added an extra wire to the alternator. As soon as you go to turn the key You can headlights on and stuff. Everything just dies. Um, all you guys a little click. Um, but everything just shuts just shuts completely down. Um Had the battery tested again. It was still good, um, kinda at a loss. All right. Well, uh, let me tell you what I want you to do. Uh, you've got a bad connection. There's no question about that somewhere. There is a bad connection. If you've got a pair of jumper cables laying around, I want you to take, uh one of them and go from the negative side of the battery down to any place on the engine. That's a good uh, you know where you can clamp it. Anything metal on the motor itself, Um And and then do pretty much the same thing with the other battery cable. I want you to go to some other place on the engine and anywhere on the body underneath the hood. I don't care if its embrace of bracket or whatever anything that's not generally connected with the engine itself anywhere on the body. Um, if there's a ground junction or anything, or just embrace or anything, On strut Tower. That's fine. Just clamp them there and see what we're trying to do is is establish our own ground. I think you have a background cable. You know, and and these can be such a pain because everybody just doesn't realize and think that you know I can have a ground cable go bad. They go bad all the time. But let's try to establish a new ground with a pair of jumper cables. And that's the best way to test it. You could you know, you're turning your jumper cables into Two big giant test leads is what you're doing, and then the engine will probably go ahead and crack on over and be fine. But if that is the case, and you're definitely going to need to run a new ground war now, if you do run a new ground wire, of course you're going to start at the battery. But you're going to want to run to the body and then directly on over to the engine itself. You know, you can run more than one if you want to, but you need to make sure that you gotta it's probably going to be a bad ground wire, and but the jumper cables will tell us 100% if that's what we're dealing with. Alright. Good stuff. Good open mikes today 8445809326 We are going to head back to these phone lines now. 844580 Wdbo 844. 58093 to 6 to Groveland. We're gonna talk with Tony Tony. Welcome to the show. Hi. Hey, Tony. My question Today is thanks for taking my call. My question today is I have 2011 e 3 50 onto the armatures on the sending unit. On the fuel pump broke off and I replaced the fuel Ponte because it was attached to the side. It worked for maybe a week and a half. No problems. And now when the store this vehicle Um, heats up. And I shut it off for more than 10 minutes. Can't get it to start. It turns over, but it will not start. But if I turned the key off and then back on off and back on four or five times and prime the pump again Then it will start. Never does that when it's cold in the morning and never does that after it sits for about an hour. Mm. You know, usually cold in the morning is usually when you are going to experience that, um And if it's doing it after it's been ran, and it's been hot Um, you know, that sounds more to me like a relay problem. You see what I'm saying? If it was, if it if the relay was getting hot, and then it wasn't reenergizing then, of course, that wouldn't. Uh, it would turn the fuel pump on. But then by cycling, the key on and off on and off you know that maybe what's happening is you've got to relay that's acting up. Um, let me let me put it to you like this to find out 100% for sure. What you would need to do is you need to hook a fuel pressure gauge to it. Now you can hook a fuel pressure gauge to this thing, Tony and just leave it underneath the hood. You just want to make sure it's not going to get tangled up in your sis. Ary belts and stuff like that. That you can just wire tie it up off the side or something, you know, and have you a fuel pressure gauge in there. It's not hard to hook up. And then, uh, when when it does it, you need to turn the key and make sure that you've got fuel pump pressure, You know, And if you don't, then you know if you do have fuel part Then, you know, we need to see if you've got pressure there or not to find out whether the fuel pump relay is actually energizing the fuel pump. Um, you know when it doesn't want to start that would probably be the best way to go about diagnosing this. You know, it's it's if you put a pump in it, Uh, you know, chances are It's on that one there it uses. I think it's a PCM relay that controls both the computer and the fuel pump relay being in 11. It may have its own fuel pump relay as well. And if it does, I would probably You know, you could probably go ahead and just swap it out. You know, trade it with another good known relay and see if that takes care of your problem, but for him to be okay, cold. See if you if it was a one way check valve in the fuel pump. You would have that problem cold because it would lose the pressure residual pressure when it set overnight, But what you're dealing with is it sounds like something that is heat temperament. You know something that once it gets hot And then electrical parts. You've got to kind of keep in mind when an electrical part gets really good and hot. They build a resistance and, uh, you know, and then if the relay itself is worn Then chances are it's not re energizing. As soon as you go and you turn the key on and what's happening is is you're having this when you go to cycling it that fuel pump relays, finally deciding to go ahead and make contact and, of course, going.

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