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Sean Reilly in Albany, Oregon, Sean the sun is coming up on seventeenth birthday. And are tuned in almost every night. Well, the first report I'd like to start with is from hickory North Carolina the seventeenth Monday of this week. Gentlemen, writes that he was standing outside looking at the night sky is that's the way most UFO reports start, of course. And he saw an orange object orange light spinning and pulsing descending vertically as it got to its parody its lowest point it stopped and paused for a moment, and then started moving laterally parallel to the horizon and just disappeared in the night sky ran to get his wife, but by the time they got back. The object was gone. Second report comes from also from North Carolina. This one from oak island, the next night the eighteenth. I think that's two nights ago that on Tuesday of this week husband and wife, I standing outside and their attention was drawn to a cluster of white lights. They estimated at least ten or a dozen moving in a very complex fashion. Sometimes as a group sometimes individually, and it's a very complex citing. I won't take time tonight to try to describe it George, but it's well worth reading we should have it posted soon super shortly after the sighting of the white lights about the size of SARS. The husband and wife saw several orange lights that split into six separate orange objects. Looking forward to having that posted very interesting report third report comes from Saint Augustine, Florida woman reports seen a very. Very bright white flash of light followed by a green light below it. And I mentioned this case because within two minutes. Very similar report from Holden, North Carolina. Takes us back to that state for a moment person saw green object streak at least covering thirty degrees of the horizon. And he quite properly allows for the possibility that it may have been a meteor. But he says it was way too large to be a meteor, and he sought for fifteen seconds, which is a long long time for even for a dramatic meteor last couple of reports I'd like to touch on one comes from granite Ville, Vermont two witnesses saw two red lights that were hovering below cloud level. They suddenly accelerated to the right and disappeared very very rapidly. Skip the last one Georgia and save until next week. But I'd like to enclosing just wish everybody a merry Christmas and a happy new year to you your staff, and of course, to the coast listeners, and we'll see some time. Next week. Absolutely. Thank you, Peter. You have a great Christmas yourself, and we'll talk with you right after Christmas and enjoy the holiday, my friend. A new discovery in Egypt by Dr Carmen Boulter back with us. We're going to talk about something that just may knock you off your chair next on coast to coast AM..

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