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Brennan is an empowerment coach from arms. She helps them to find emotional freedom and take back their days. She is a wife and a mom of four all under seven years. She's been working in ministry. Empowering god's people with everyday applicable tools for ten years while she started in youth ministry as a young adult her journey through motherhood has led her to working with moms brennan has an online community of over two thousand mama's she has authored a highly interactive thirty date of ocean for moms and she has been featured to speak at several women events. She knows steeply what it is to trust the lord and wait for the promises of god and her story has been one filled with insanely fast moves of god and a lot of waiting in between them so good morning. Brenda how are you today. good morning. i'm doing excellent. Thank you so much. Can you tell us a little bit more about your story. What brought you to the work that you're doing now. Yes it goes back way back Who i am now. And what i'm doing is not all who i've been so praise the lord for that but when god saved me i was holly seventeen or eighteen. Seventeen and i it was very radical. It was a very radical change. I didn't even wanna be at church. The full story of why cpas there. But that's not for today and the following new. That happened. They happened not a very quick pace so went within a month of starting church. I was saved another few weeks to a month later. I was serving as a student leader. Our youth ministry. Within three months of that i felt like the lord had called me into ministry as my youth pastor and i were doing an internship a little over a year after serving as an intern i was offered a full time position at the church. And what i didn't know then was back here waiting. That seems so long that it was god building my endurance for the way that he would be moving and working in my life and so about a month. After i started working there i was got introduced me to my husband and a really crazy way but within four months we were married not just engaged but mary and it was. It was really an oscar. Not is when god started getting me drains. Shortly after we got married started having some dreams and there were three of them. That were very pivotal. One of them was dream of my children. Another dream of ministry and another the only word. I have to even describe it as a dream of awakening and with each of those dreams. I had thought as to how it would play out with. I would look like and so far with the ones that are that have come to pass. That are still in the process of working. What i'm fine being as that the only place that has some error in what i had thoughts where the places that was unclear in the dream and where i had built it with what i thought what i would imagine. What god's will right. I'm gonna ever sure did yoga. And so the after that after those dreams that again they help him in a really short time period together. That's when the waiting started and it's been about nine years and We have all of our children now. And i am in the middle of seeing guide work in the minister. He that did not see that starting to come to pass in again away completely different than what i thought and then the awakening. It's unreal dots. The thing that i was like. Oh god this one. Let's see this one. I and i'm apparently we're going to be waiting for that one but during that time of waiting those years i i really face. Some challenges doubt was a big win and redefining. What doubt actually what like..

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