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Hate mail from our Liz in Wyoming. What's wrong with us? So don't worry. No. I would love I would love to go there without a so in addition to. The US you were telling us just before we started the show about some other recent flying you did and in a place. It's not always known first and foremost for for general aviation. So tell us about your trip to Iceland. Yes. August I. Win with some friends that I met at Sunan fund a few years back in admit met them through group on Facebook. Really? And they had one guy in particular. He's an airline pilot in Iceland. He said, hey group of six of us are coming to sun and fund will know, you're in Florida part of the time, and I've seen your videos that type of thing, and you know, it'd be great to talk to you and just chat about supercups. Of course. That's what that's what these big flying's are forest is to meet like minded individuals. And so we get to talking and he says, hey, we have this cub. And and our friend has another come that you could borrow or rent of if you were to come and it took a few years to line up a time that worked for us both. But but August it worked out in took a friend of mine, Chris he is a world renowned photographer, and you should be seeing hopefully some of his photos being published from the strip that are just honestly out of this world because in Iceland, most of the country is. Able to land off airport, and there are actually a surprising amount of strips that were used just just access to the backcountry. The that volcanic rock has made a lot of level areas that are very land -able. You know, these gravel runways smooth is you know, any any other dirt or grass run a you'd find in in American. So we were able to just fly around and see these famous volcanoes and lagoons and everything that. Again, is is so difficult to access without spending days on these offroad vehicles and seeing it all from the Arab. I super cubs is astounding. So they're there. Are very few superclubs. There are only a handful one of the ones that was fine with us at just been imported from America few months before. And there are a few more being built as backcountry. Flying thing is really exploded over the last maybe five years or so people in Iceland, have taken note, and and one guy in particular kind of spearheaded it this is my buddy Arner that I'm that was flying with so come next year. There will probably be maybe ten supercups flying around Iceland now. And again, it's it's just such an amazing way to see it. In fact, he he mounts mountain bikes onto his wings, and he can his his plane was on the cover of ALPA about six months ago with mountain bike strapped to the wings, and as of two days ago, he now has a surfboard now finished for ballet Zoe he's on he's on a trip right now were there flying around and landing on beaches to you know, they can see the. For from the air, and that can just land on any beach, basically and go surfing, and it's and saved days of travel time to get to and from these these remote locations. Well, and what is Iceland known for if not it's great surfing wave. It's the first place comes to mind, actually. So my my friend, Chris that I mentioned he made a film called under an Arctic sky about surfing in Iceland in the wintertime under the Northern Lights, and that's available on I tunes in in maybe net flicks and stuff in it. That's how I found him was. Well, I already followed him on Instagram his about three million, followers, and he..

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