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About the release show Due to the fact that It is probably unlikely that it's going to take place the date that it is currently scheduled so I mean we're we're not totally sure on that We've got a tentative date for late. May in Chicago but We'll have to wait and see at the the possibilities special. Thanks once again to Johnny. Hamlin of lights over bridgeport out of Chicago for being on the show. Today we're going to have to get that pizza once this cove in nineteen pandemic is over with that fills pizza. I'm still thinking about it and it's been like a week since we talked. I'm still thinking about it Johnny. So I can't wait to do that with you one day and Like I said thank you once again. Johnny and thank you once again to lights over bridgeport make sure you follow them on social media which. I know on facebook there at lights over bridgeport. I forgot to look up the other handles. But you can just go to lights over bridgeport DOT COM and pre-order. That new album called better this way. It's coming out may twenty second and I'm super excited that they are doing a vinyl for this release as Johnny said. They're not sure about when a CD release show is going to happen yet just because of obviously the Kobe nineteen pandemic so hopefully that August sorted out. Soon we gotta stay home stay safe let this thing die down and then we can finally start going back to shows and we can go to the lights over bridgeport record released together right all right. I'm shock l'amour that is it for this episode of Pop punk and Pizza we will be. We will be back next week. In the meantime make sure you hit us up on social media at pop punk pizza pod at facebook twitter and instagram. It's all the same handle you can follow me at on air with J. L. on twitter. Also the angering radio handles twitter and facebook is at banger racing radio. And if you're in a band or you're a publicist or a manager or whatever it might be and you're interested in getting your music played on the show or getting your band onto the show. Whatever it maybe you can shoot me an email. Ab- angering radio at G MAIL DOT COM again. That's a banger. Rang Radio at G MAIL DOT COM. And just send me your EP as your press kits. Whatever it is as much information about your band is possible. And we'll see if this is something that we can do for the podcast so have a wonderful day. Whatever it is. You're doing please stay healthy. Wash your hands. Stay home and we're all in this together all right hope and hygiene remember. I'll talk to you soon. Eat Lots of pizza but wash your hands. I. It's Nice. Outsized is nice size of visa..

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