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The last, break we're talking about the Red Sox being a really good team so Michael's just walking out of the studio and he turns to me and says well who do you think from the Mets, side meaning the national Who from the Mets side gets the. World Series that's a great question I said, maybe the dodgers and as he walked, out, of the studio he's he turned to play well and I You have no idea how that you don't even know town they play in Los Angeles Dodgers of course I know but you, know by the way yeah they did and they're? Playing well how well. They're playing, well enough that they might be in the World Series from, the side that the Mets are. On EBay I know that I, I've? Heard, that they're playing well right now they're basically tied for first in the Cubbies who knows it's a crapshoot internationally hey This story out of Sarah bets who hasn't gone to Sarah Beth so one of their locations Blaine blames filling in for Natalie today I don't. Sarah I have no idea what? You're talking about Blames that people don't. Know Blaine he rides a motorcycle has. Tattoos I don't picture him as a Sarah Probably won't even let me in the door now, you. Would you, would love their pop. Overs are you a pop over guy Benedek with Not at all I'm a. Pop tart guy do you like a child in French herb? On law God I put that, on my face Facialists but delicious almost as good as yourself hey well this is. A crazy story this is on the Amsterdam. Avenue Sarah or a bunch of them around the city as one down here. There's one. Up, on central park south anyway a man. Jumped out of an upper shops out of the Upper West side Sarah Bess he he's obviously in the walk. In freezer so the employee, is he walks, out there about eleven AM and I. Don't what the hell. He's doing there so when. He walks out first of all they. Had no idea who he. Was he wasn't the customer he wasn't a former employees he? Didn't arrive too early for brunch He has a knife he starts. Going after people God and then all of a sudden he says call nine one one is a medical emergency. And they and they're surmising, died of a, heart attack just a crumby in frozen. I don't know craziest. Story not the you know. They obviously.

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