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And i think most of our friend group was aware but as he's going to mention in the interview and i don't want to give too much of it up you know. He explained the whole process of having to go through it. And and you know he. And of course with luke reaching out to him and bain taking the steps that he did in order. Now it's public and people will ask sometimes like oh. Why does this needs to be news. Well it needs to be news to make it comfortable for the next person to be able to announce it so then the next person can feel comfortable being them true selves so it was. It was great to have him on. He's worked with hockey canada. He's a friend of mine and we just we think it's important subject and we didn't reach a loop because he's probably been doing a lot of media and you know we want to probably let them like rest a little bit after this. Although he did go on. Thirty one. Thoughts with elliot freeman and jeff merrick to with the best in the business. They had an interview with them so go he did. Excuse me go. Check it out there. And i really hope that you guys enjoy being his story as well. Yeah and for luke if people are out there actually saying why does this need to be news you you have a p for brain because i am. I don't know this kid but like so happy for him and forget the sports aspect of it. It's more. I feel so bad for any person who is gay and isn't able to live their true life and be honest with their friends and their family because that must be such torture for people so any single time you hear a story about somebody coming out. I do think it's worth reading and hearing about it. 'cause you you're you're literally. You're literally witnessing somebody become more free in themselves. And their life and i can't imagine how amazing that feels for that kid and it took a lot of balls. I wish it didn't take balls but it did. And hopefully in the future because a guys like him because guys like bain within the sports world hockey world. Whatever you're talking about it will become easier for people who are gay to come out and announced. Who the tru truly are so. It's very happy to see that news. And before we throw it over to bain..

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