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Brooklyn in the final. If Kyrie and Katie were healthy. Though that's that's, that's A. Day Without you, do we. We defend this for sure. I Agree I. Agree with that date. How can you? Like seriously the hacking you garden in a pick and roll. Them visually. What I'm saying individually, pick and roll with Spencer and cares. Joe Shooting the runner. Yonder loud. Out on end After some your? Overall Jamir though Jamir says nobody inhale could beat the Lakers. This year. I. Hill probably but. so. I was going to wrap it up, but you expect. Appreciate you coming on the made for a guy that don't talk. A lot of did talk a lot. Nine has come on here so people still ahead of off. Now for show low w appreciate having me. Tangible McCoy always welcome their next time. We charge you. Ever. To? Put that on to. Not. Make the best decision for yourself generous. Mirror. Tell me how great of a guy you are, and it was awesome to me. You really did appreciate Definitely appreciate those kind words. Try To be good sometimes. Michigan. Front probably Thursday. Safe travels safe. travelgate appreciate the Catch a flight to fully solve this stuff man. I've got a house next door Jamir. alka. Disclose gets Lubich House. I decided to move to. Michigan. I would have been borders should. Hear, US. Really what's billions of big city? What's in Michigan with mixture? From different. From somebody. based. Michigan is amazing. I was. I was Kinda. Close I was thinking about going. Should move. There should say hositility. Moves Birmingham. GonNa be. Like Brooklyn I personally like Brooklyn I like New York City now. Having seeds like so lousy, right? Like Dumbo House the Civil Lawsuit. I New York City. Here, we got his chance the chain. Ready. About! March for pursue. Louis. Let's go man, you mean. Stay healthy I'll hit you up with wheat. said that Brooklyn Lakers finals. And in the bubble the bubble. A hydro. They traveled stay healthy I appreciate it. Thanks to our episode Wilson Chandler. We hope you enjoyed it. You can follow like the court vision podcast below glow to subscribe and like the podcast and Bowl Jamir Nelson on twitter at Jamir Nelson and Ben Steiner advance diner on twitter and our next episode, Jamal Crawford NBA. Legend joins the show..

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