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Hundreds of car trucks and SUVs next to a new car of its way cars best visit fit small dot com today Mary devonta WTB traffic Storm team Forbes Michelle Grossman our weekend is off to a chilly start here It is yeah it's cold this morning You need the layers but the good news is we can shed those layers later on this afternoon Temperatures are in the 30s some spots below freezing still at this hour We're seeing a lot of cloud cover too And I think we'll keep that cloud cover place at least partly to mostly cloudy throughout the day Breezy also upper 50s to low 60s in some spots even mid 60s and others Tonight mostly cloudy and mild We're not going to drop very far and low to mid 50s And then Sunday it's going to feel like June across the area mostly cloudy skies windy and warm could see a few showers but for the most part we'll keep it dry midday or 70s some spots could hit 80° That's the same story on Monday So mostly cloudy windy warm kind of a repeat performance We'll rise to the upper 50s to low 80s in some spots And then we're going to have a cold front that moves through later on Monday That's going to bring some rain after sunset could also bring some thunderstorms but it will bring cooler weather by Tuesday not too cool but still cool We're going to be above normal on Tuesday still Partly sending breezy with temperatures in the high mid 50s Right now we are called in D.C. 39° below freezing in Hagerstown just 30 And it's right at the freezing mark in the right 32 It was nice to hear you say 80° though wow Looking forward to that one And the forecast brought to you by long fans 20% off savings on fences decks and pavers go to long fence dot com and schedule your free estimate today 8 11 what looked like a breakthrough ceasefire to evacuate residents from two cities in Ukraine as quickly fallen apart today Ukrainian leaders say Russia has kept up its shelling despite despite promises to pause It comes with the invasion now well into its second.

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