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After her daughter dies yes never to resurface we don't know what happened to Brittany Murphys mom Tony is telling the Daily Mail that he thinks it was share in the mom who is dating Simon mon Jack not Britney Murphy who he married for her visa so that she he is a member what is she doing with glee fugly overweight all over all yeah soul that's what Tony is saying he is a there is only male mysteries we haven't we you know like why didn't the police ever investigate all exactly well Julie is point Tony says if you look at all of this from a distance it's like here's this young lady fairly healthy she's home with their supposed husband and mom and she's dead how absurd is that yeah only in Hollywood to that it's considered another day at the zoo he says no one takes her to the hospital which is just four miles away and he said he spent years looking at the suppressing his anger he says I think pretty was taken out who killed Britney she didn't die of natural causes we'll know that member they had all those drugs in there and it was moldy and is she and damp I felt like they lived in that mold yeah yeah yeah Britney Murphy's mom said at the time she claimed and who knows if she's begin you know what I mean while you're right I mean just on the surface of that and I remember we were just completely baffled yeah you know this and felt that there was suspicions but nothing that that police investigation ever opened up that shocking exactly now a coroner dismissed Sharon's claims that toxic mold in the property had killed them but pointed to their own healthy lifestyle saying that there are a number of factors that maybe could have led to that Britney allegedly having an eating disorder a drug addiction but there's really little evidence that she was murdered but the most credible theory that Tony can believe is that their deaths are connected to Simon's business dealings was Britney killed the pay off is that said one of his crew good deals gone wrong he said I don't know what business decisions they're making at the time but it sounds business related to me Larry hearing he said it you have to go back to the money yeah yeah so that's sure they were so gross and then they all died at the same time yeah I felt so bad for her member she was just so is she I remember him walking across the bridge with him and he's in gray sweats and he was so yeah yeah they didn't seem like a great no not at all and to kind of wrap things up here Tony believes that Simon knew what happened to Britney Tony says I don't think Britney and Simon were man and wife I think that Simon was jacked up was sharing in that they were sharing a breath Abed excuse me when Britney passed away and that it was just a marriage of circumstance Simon wanted to stay in the United States Britney was legally single so then they got married because it was only a couple of months that they got together then they got married and yeah that's true that is very very scandalous and I can't believe it's been ten years yeah now what's next Wilshere never appear publicly or new lead to be found so says the Daily Mail Sharon who she she's dead the cashier so unless unless you got like some him insurance money and she's what is it you know moved to Brazil and got a different face she's dead let's just caller dad alright let's talk about Lisa Marie Presley getting a huge financial break during her fortune that nightmare so her ex husband has been ordered to pay Lisa Marie Presley one hundred forty thousand dollars this is that ex husband Michael Lockwood he was ordered by in LA county court to pay a huge chunk of Lisa Marie Presley's attorney fees for what's good yes they found that the respondent had proper notice an opportunity to be heard the fees will be split now so her attorney's fees will be taken care of of one hundred million dollars of Elvis's money is proof she she invested member in American idol uhhuh member then yeah yeah well he invested it you know that's manage that is just doing that for three deck but I feel like she is still managing a drug problem Hey I don't know Ali haven't seen her in a long time very bad picker for men terrible terrible when your dad is Elvis and he dies and you're a little and you're a lab and and then your mom puts you in Scientology yes that's really that is bad that's I don't know I just because he is her fourth husband Michael Lockwood yes because they were not officially even divorced now there was the first guy who is his name I don't know I leave Reilly's dad and Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage jogger all and then and her first husband was like it is if you get taken into Scientology when your kid a fellow Scientologist yeah and they were like twenty two and twenty when they got married that's right Lisa Marie has a thirty year old and she's got nine year olds because she's been having children from twenty to forty kind of like Eddie Murphy hold more mortgages are ages one to thirty and they're all going to be there tomorrow night in New York City when Saturday Night Live fares Eddie Murphy making his return thirty five years after he left Leo is the musical gas no pressure right none not all the way what so ever rubbing of a story we talked about earlier this week that was published in The Hollywood Reporter regarding accusations on the set of the affair that Ruth Wilson was forced to do nude scenes against her wishes and now the show runner they were treme is hitting back at these claims that she forced Ruth Wilson to take part in nude scenes for the show that eventually led to Wilson's departure way diseases yeah I know she's hitting back you said yes so yeah she just admitting it no she's dating back she's probably not agreeing with any of it yes she says I'm not manipulative I've always been a feminist she says okay were you with the ability of add up and it is also things can't be socially really has she's sure he says I've devoted my entire professional life to writing about and speaking to women's issues women's causes women's empowerment in creating.

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