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Forever. Hi riders panel listeners. This is an ad, but it's not really an ad because also I'm going to talk about something that I really want to share with you. I'm going to talk about the relaunch of DC's vertigo line, and you've heard me talk about this a little bit already. My new comic ex-wives is coming out as part of this relaunch, but there's so much more involved in it and it's all really cool. So I hope you will indulge me and listen to this for a few minutes before writing the angry tweets. If you're familiar with vertigo, vertigo is one of the biggest names in the history of comics and graphic novels. They in their heyday of vertigo, brought us, preacher y the last man and a bunch of Bryan cave on books, hell blazer, swamp thing. The invisibles fables, which was one of my all time favorites as well as Neil Gaiman San man's here. And when you talk about sort of the history of comic books, Sandman is a watershed book. It sort of made vertigo what it is which is comics for adults, not. Just superheroes that at the time twenty five years ago was not all that common. And even to this day, when I mentioned ex-wives wives coming out and it's part of the vertigo line, I get this reaction that has like, oh, that's legit. Vertigo helped to redefine what comics were capable of. So you know, they, they sort of had their heyday, maybe twenty five to fifteen years ago. And then there have been some really great bright spots in vertigo in the past ten years. But this new relaunch that DC is doing under the editorship of Mark. Doyle is. Sort of a big swing and they've, they've put all of their resources into this with a bunch of original books of which heck's lives apart as well as border town, which is out right now and American carnage, which is out in November and got us mode, which is out in December, and then a couple more even after that. So they're like these six original titles, which is sort of a thing that vertigo became known for its where you get preacher and y the last man. But vertigo was also. Responsible for bringing in familiar or maybe unfamiliar, DC titles like swamp thing, like held laser and like Sanmen, which sort of laid the foundation for all of this vertigo stuff. And so the relaunch which has already started involves an entire San man portion. There are four new Sanmen books as well as sort of a book end book which is out now that you can get written by Neil Gaiman and Neil is overseeing the whole San man universe. It's kind of a neat thing which I can all-talk about a minute, but let me say this the thing and I've, I've hit this before if you're listening to the podcast. The thing I'm learning about COMEX in talking about heck's wives is that preorder are very important now it's too late to preorder a couple of these books I'm talking about, but it's not too late to preorder heck's. Lives numbers one and two to preorder American-carnage and to preorder some of the Sanmen books, including Lucifer and books of magic, and I'll talk a little bit about those in a minute. The way to preorder is very easy. You call up your local comic shop. You say, I want to preorder heck's wives, number one and two. I wanna preorder Lucifer. Number one. I wanna preorder books of magic number one, and they will put it aside for you. Then you go in and you pay four bucks and you pick it up. You can also go to comic Sala g. dot com. That's where everybody gets their digital comics. COM I x. l. o. g. y. search for any of those titles heck's wives, Sandman Lucifer house of secrets. Books of magic. And there's a button to preorder on that. Again. It's like three or four bucks, then you get your digital comic on the day comes out. Okay. Let's talk about San man because San man, as I said, was a watershed book for comics as a whole, but also for vertigo. This past January Neil Gaiman gathered four acclaimed fantasy.

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