Mike Michael discussed on Side Hustle Pro: Women Entrepreneurs | Black Women Business Owners | Solopreneurs - Ep 67: Meet the Juice Bar Owner Transforming Lives in the Black Community


So i mean i still believe the sba forward you know certain things is there a resourceful you can really network with the people that are bigger you get a mentor with the sba depending on where you are with your business but i would literally say and i don't really like the word networking because it means so many different things is so taboo but i found my lawyer through a customer i found that counts it through customer i found my first administrative assistant through a customer a lot of is just through other relationships and so i i would say that had the solid relationships look people definitely helps ease the pain of oh i don't know where to get this rumour i don't know how to do this your group of people around june you know should have a network of people that they can say hey i can't do this for you but i can point your in this direction already now we're going to transition into the lightning round which is basically when you answer the first thing that comes to mind are you ready i guess arabi number one what's the resource that is hope junior business that you can share with the side hustle pro audience so okay there is this book that i read called the prophet first edged the prophet first is by mike michael which something but you look it up a private various is first name is my.

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