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You're a black Friday, shoppers, let us know what you've done in the past. And I'm going to do anything this year. 1 802 831 on 1.54 18 years fast traffic Heads up on route 18 and Marbro. The North downside coming at a 79. That's a crash being worked on this report responsible I rocket mortgage when you want the ability to adjust your loan options in real time Rocket can when you needed expert help navigate the home loan process. Rocket can rocket mortgage 33 still shut down each way and Neptune City near Neptune Boulevard. It's a downed utility pole. Idiot and Lakewood. We have a crash on the westbound side coming up towards between Mama's Avenue in South Clifton Avenue, 70 and broke a lot of West banned traffic at a Cedar Bridge Avenue Parkway. Bunching up north at 1 43 21 45 Lieutenant Randolph eastbound Side, The on Canfield Avenue is a downed pole on electrical repairs. The right lane is closed and still have a car fire in Somerville. 206 north over by Somerset Street, Tom River's New Jersey traffic North Jill Myron, New Jersey traffic South. 2 95 South found is slow from exit 28 at black Horse Pike down to wigs to 26. We had a quickie accident occurred get cleared up, and the delays are still there, though. Add to 95 south and I have a feeling that just jump started the rush hours so We'll see. Kate May Lewes Ferry is running with some delays and because of the high winds, So you're gonna have to check for the departures this afternoon because of the gusty wind and we have delays expected at 73 3 south bound at Berlin and Jackson Road, easing out where they just reopened the jug handle, which was closed from early this morning. New Jersey Fast traffic every 15 minutes. Next report at 4 33 on New Jersey with a 1.5, New Jersey one on 1.5 is your news, traffic and weather. First responders count on us for up to the minute information from our award winning news team. I'm Eric Scott Topping our report this hour out on us to get you around with fast traffic Bob Way into the Jersey traffic north. You'll Byron, New Jersey traffic South killed on us to keep you and your family safe with instant weather meteorologist and Zahra. Cheers. He won a 1.5 your first responders for news, traffic and weather from running errands to walks with friends. In long days on your feet, the Merrill jungle Mark is the perfect all around shoe. The just right fit, unparalleled comfort.

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