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August the twenty eighth we're talking yesterday about how the lottery numbers are way off when it comes to the third largest source of revenue in the ocean state that's gambling numbers are awesome the like what nine million year to date what island lottery according to Kathy Greg in the pro Joe has ordered the removal of three hundred and sixty of the under performing video slots that I. G. T. provided the twin river casino is under a lottery contract companies seeking to renew for what twenty more years right under terms that would have its machines dominate the casino floor something like eighty four percent of the machines provided by IGT lottery director Gerald all been told a legislative oversight committee on Monday of this week that the I. D. T.'s electronic games were under performing the minimum requirements in the company's contract and that their competitors on the concealer floor we're doing better he told the lawmakers he intended to take appropriate action he said that on Tuesday now yesterday at about five to five twenty in the afternoon after multiple follow up questions from the Providence journal Kathy Greg says department of revenue spokesperson Paul Grimaldi confirm that Rhode Island lottery officials met with IGT managers to inform the company that it would remove three hundred and sixty of its V. L. tease video slots from the casinos doing this will raise its efficiency rating to at least one hundred percent it's at however the Providence journal says Grimaldi didn't really answer any follow up questions among those questions who from the lottery met with home what's the time frame for the removal of these three hundred and sixty slots is the directive to remove the oldest and or the lowest performing machines at twin rivers casino is an only Lincoln or the gonna yeah come on a different too so I guess there's a lot of questions that are still unanswered not responding to the lottery action I G. T. spokesperson bill Fisher there seems to be the spokesperson for everybody he said the decision emanated from what he's calling a routine and nearly review and that the company intends to work with the lottery to accomplish the removal of the machines while preceding on its own initiative to replace another two hundred and seventy on the video slots so that's where that stands and we got to get people to get to those casinos and starts been in some scandal as we are soft on those numbers break out your number two lead pencils because the S. A. teas are in the news here Susan Campbell from Eyewitness News Simone Kyle is applying to ten colleges she just took the essay tease a second time hoping to get a better score your putting so much trust into this process you're trusting that other side to consider everyone fairly and not be private now in the wake of the sweeping college admissions scandal the College Board is announcing changes to prevent future violations the changes include where students can take tests were not allow those environments outside of schools anymore and if we ever do will have multiple tax on the identity of the student and rocket the College Board also has a plan to consider socio economic factors in the admissions process they're no longer is a single number that tries to sum up your neighborhood in school the new tool is called landscape according to the College Board it looks at how an applicant's test score compared to scores of other students in their high school it also takes into account things like local college attendance rates median family income and crime stats it's a start college counselor Gilbert Vivier says the changes have limits won't be until we see some major shifts and admissions rates among students of color low income fresh animation can we say that okay this is being made the College Board says a student can't be admitted or denied based on the landscape program the board says it's only a consideration in the process in the Susan Campbell from Eyewitness News seven forty good morning this get out to the traffic.

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