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Also the embassy comcast merger was a problem and he's come back and looked at the consent decrees looking at a number of consent decrees there have been done by the justice department over the years and one distinction i will make here is that in the embassy comcast case there was also the fcc involved and they were the ones who were then tasked with overseeing the consent decree but the fcc is not involved in this review and so it's just the justice department so it's really gonna be based on the law and you guys both mentioned than this the fact that the companies thus far have been sort of dictating the message around this i mean this process this sort of wrangling between justice in the company's seemed very very public unusually so it is a reason for that why this is being played out sort of in the public domain to the extent is well i think it's part of the posturing on both sides in this this does typically how happen at this stage of a big complex merger and you know it is ultimately about what the end game as and how they're going to get there so you know the businesses competence will typically come in and try to give up as little as possible to get their deal done so an example would be the the inbev mondello deal where the obama justice department sued the companies and after a weekend of sort of re structuring the deal they divested a whole group of more delo brands and brewing operations.

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