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On a music down what what type of Music. I love to be featured I WANNA I wanna say it's like a kind of a a melody Kinda Rach Melody. Kinda but I know some somewhere. I'm just racking to some so you try to model your game after Zeke. Nfl football game one artists. Are you trying to model your your music career after? Like who yourself to compare myself to drake. This is not an object and this Harley way this is this is probably like saying drake my answer. 'cause he's he's way above me ahead of me but Jewish world. Mp's rest in peace. He was you're married. You KINDA got a little a little vocal in use some bars. Some some good piece. I see I see what you should. Your drop should be a highlight mix tape of all your Ron's from this year with your music on an peopling like Oh what's that song and then by men were better idea? We make a music video. The three of us do that way. I I'm willing to drive up a few hours away. Yeah I'M GONNA hit my boy we don't get. It started out in the backyard. I definitely liked that idea a lot. Beni. We do really appreciate you coming. The podcast one thing. I want to ask from you though is. Can you start Twi- channel? Because I feel like the people need to hear about you and they need to see you video definitely. That's that's definitely in the works right now. You're like a hundred person to say that I need to. I needed to start it. I've been music started. My game was crazy. Man I gotta put it on display. What's Your K. D. c? I don't know I'm looking Guy I don't pay attention to Katie. I dropped bodies so then you'RE K. So that your case should be up. There should be. It should be not GONNA lie Right I mean. I definitely want to sit. Benny who would you say your closest with around the League because we've talked to basketball players and we've talked to baseball players and they the basketball guys are always friends with other guys around the league with the baseball guys are just pretty much friends with their teammates on their squad. What's that look for you in the League Jersey swap definitely? Yeah definitely If you if you talked to any alumni off played on the team that you saw that right away without a doubt but But what was the question again for who your boys around the League on the team and so coming coming in rookie year basically. It's a Lotta the rookies I. I would say You know the guys that I can't remember what does the Onta- On other teams like say like my boy. I mean French for Seattle. Yeah it's it's really it's really select you and if anybody it'd be so it ain't even another like that. What's it been like playing with Mike? Tomlin notoriously one of the biggest player coaches in the NFL. We've seen that throughout the years. He sticks by his guys but also one of the more confusing guys are. I'm always hearing an interview for my common. And he says something and I'm just like what the fuck would you say? What is that like? There's always random close. What's it like flying for coach. Tomlin or I really enjoy. I really have a Lotta respect for coach He does a lot of great things for us at for the players for the team He's always speaking. It's like every time he speech he wanNA listen 'cause he's GonNa learn something from it and He's also upfront. Keep a straight up front. I like he won't sell you like something you don't WanNa hear no. Bs like that like He. Don't tell you straight up what it is. So that's why I got full respect for him and I love He. I'm looking at a few quotes from him right now. I'll tolerate you until I can replace you. That means like this guy but then I get to the bottom. He is a quote that says the standard is a standard. What the Hell is? How does that mean it was crazy? 'cause I've heard I've heard both those multiple times but The Standard is the standard. You gotta it's IT'S. It's the rules the rules you you know. We all know.

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