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Five Jeff Katz? Newsradio W R V. So couple of moments ago a couple of moments ago, we had Scott's Wyatt's on with us. Scott says that he won the convention to become the Republican nominee for that district. Ninety seven state delegate race Corey who is in Hanover and has shown great patience and consideration. Which I appreciate was a delegate at the convention. I wanted to hear from him since he was there. What really happened Corey? Thank you for hanging with us. So give me a sense what really happened on Saturday. Jeff. Thank you for having me. So so, Yep. I was delegate it was approved at the Hanover mass meeting to go to the convention Saturday. Like everyone else, I had confusing. So I called a couple of about forty eight hours prior to the convention. I called Dr Peavy executive staff. John, I I called the state board elections state elections told me that per code for the election code that. They do take the results from the LDC chairman legislative district committee chairman who was holding the conventional Saturday and legally they do they take the results of the convention from I called rpm after that and our VP executive staff. John Fenway told me that the borders elections didn't know what they were talking about. And that quote, they are dumb though, that's between them. But I went to the conventional Saturday, and I can tell you that four hundred hundred people showed up I think that was the final count that it was about maybe a little over four hundred eighty okay and cast a vote and Scott one, but Scott one that by large majority, okay. Can say that all three counties had delegates dare each county was separated on the floor based on their county. And you know, the convention was was ran berry fairly very smoothly. The chairman of the entire time. Votes were cast and everything was done very appropriately. So I'm hoping that hoping that it stands, and and we'll see what happens from here. Okay. So I know that I was going to ask you. So so you were seated as a delegate you cast your vote as far as you are concerned. They're actually, of course, was a convention. So as we hear from other people Chris piece was here yesterday. And some of his folks have contacted me and said, no, no, no, no, no June. The first is really when this thing is going to take place. What are you hearing about that up there? Yes. I mean, I it's definitely you know, depending on which side you're listening to but I did that. That's why I did my homework, and I called the state board of elections. And I said, hey, look, what's the code say legally who has the authorization to turn in just a minute to you the convention results straight up told me they said that people at the border, very nice to me. They said look they said legally per code that we we'd be that. They said we do not ever see the Republican party plan. Right. However, the ninety seventh district legislative district chairman, Tom Miller, I think is his name. He's the one that has the the right here to turn into results is the one that led the convention on Saturday per day. He was that, you know, went through with it as as the chairman and also Mark Daniel, he's also part of the legislative district committee. Okay. I'm for the new Kent rep. So, but yeah, the the committee went well. And they convince you well, and yeah, I thought it was very fairly early ran. And I heard Krispies call. In yesterday, saying that only a couple of hundred people showed up that couldn't be farther from the truth. I mean, it was almost five hundred people. There was a large representation of the district. Okay. Well, fair enough, Cory. I appreciate the insight. Thank you so much for for checking in with us. Thanks. All right. So that's Korean Hanover. Who says he was there, by the way as Corey is telling us what happens I've got another Email from somebody. Who was also a convention delegate has asked that his name not be who's now ordinarily when somebody says who don't use my name, I get a little suspicious. All I will tell you is that this is someone who has contacted me many many many times in the past. And while I don't know this person personally, other emails that they have shared would lead me to believe that they are. A responsible respectable person that I would say if I had to guess would be telling me the truth at least from their perspective. So here's what this person says, Jeff. As a delegate to the convention from king. William the Republican committee chair advised that the convention was cancelled. Officially I believe that is what happens Mr. Wyatt has created a situation that has lined only his supporters up to even have a choice. I was originally listening to what why it had to say no longer. I feel he has deceived. The Republican party the constituency in the voter, please do some research into this with the election board the state committee at center, this also has set a lot about Mr. Norman's as his support of why it grows so does his own agenda become revealed. He is not listening to the Republican voters, but rather the Tidewater elite and liberals whom he serves I am afraid. This is another case of politics over choice and politicians over what the voters really want. I know the Democrats are good at this. But I am sorrowful that now the Republicans are. As well. This is not the same as when Kanter was voted out that was at least a fair challenge. Who by a guy who was in his short term better at listening to the people by two cents. So there you go. We'll continue. I would dare say to stay on top of this. I know that my friend John Reid who does our morning show. Does a great job. There has been following it as well. And I would say that certainly between the two of us we've been more than fair to everybody involved in this. I don't know that it's settled yet when it becomes settled. You'll know when I know I got up quick just a quick message here. Text for my friends at the olive oil taproom. I was remiss the other day. I didn't realize that the month that changed guess what? A new pairing of the month..

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