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Week, October 12th. Welcome into WTO P where the time now is four 28. And when it breaks, good morning to rich hunter with this of the WTO traffic zone. Good morning, dean, still waiting on the all clear for the crash investigation from last night's serious crash involved in pedestrian two ten nor found for now all traffic diverted to the inner change for Palmer road Kirby hill ridge, you can go no further for now as a result of the closure. Again, this occurred about halfway between Palmer road and Kirby hill road last night in the 11 o'clock hour. Southbound sides never been affected all lanes are open. Now if you're traveling on the bellway, Maryland's from Montgomery and prince George's counties this quiet, I 95, the Baltimore Washington park with two 70, all free and clear over the bay bridge, the overnight work picked up and cleared you've got three lanes, westbound two lanes eastbound and no delay, but then heads up for the paving project westbound between cape saint Clair road and bay Dell drive where you're down to a single lane to the left getting by. Now with everyone coming across the bridge, it's starting to slow into that work since it will be aware you're gonna see brake lights as you pass the entrance to sandy point, headed over toward a bay Dell air toward cape saint Clair road. Now 66 eastbound between 29 and the fairfax county Parkway still getting by single file right. Same goes for the stretch between nutley street and the bell by also down to one single lane to the right to the work zone. Attention contractors and technicians northeastern supplies opening in belts around the corner from MLK middle school visit northeastern dot com for your plumbing HVAC water systems and PVF needs rich hundred WTA traffic. Increasing clouds on this Wednesday after a chilly start in ice afternoon, upper 60s to mid 70s. Rain is in the forecast

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