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And he said, well, I saw it in London and also it and Dublin. Okay. So you get go. Yeah. All right. Yeah, I think I'm my mind is just. Scrambled here. But I guess he, he, he finally got on the third one. Yeah. What'd you do three times? I guess you could figure it out. American dresser is the film love scene on a motorcycle. Love the chemistry. You and Keith. David reminded me of easy rider. Just see you guys on on your bikes and riding away. I love the seat in the bar where you're just you offer to buy a beer for everybody in there just to defuse the tension and it ends up being released. We'd story as well tell everybody about American dresser. Yeah, it was well, it was fun doing. The weird thing is that you know, besides being the last guy, I saw the Philippines before went home and we were last two guys left that we didn't have a lot of scenes one on one with other, if any. But it's interesting. Last guard saw. I saw him once again in New York where we did press. And then didn't seem again all those years until we did this. But it was nice. You know, it was kinda like two old comrades working together and and it had that had that sort of what Cassie, Sundance kid kind of bitchy humor on the road. You know, little bit of that and. Jack Nicholson, Randy Quaid and stuffing them the last. Tell. That kind of humor, roads humor. I love Bruce Dern in the film as well. He's great. Yeah, he was that scene with him. That's like my favorite scene. Shis. Characters, just so bizarre. Just like weird highway kind of guy. You know. Where's this guy from? But he was, he was great. It was brilliant. And I really, really liked that scene. It's terrific. The movie is called American dressers, Tom burns. Right, cannot thank you enough of the time and reminiscent about such great films as you've made in the past best of luck with the movie man, we really appreciate it. Thank you so much. Appreciate it. All right, thanks, Tom Barringer. That was fun. And I give pregnant pause that he was doing to maybe a little tricky for me as an interviewer because as you guys know, I'm very animated. I want to jump in all the time, but when you're listening. You gotta let a guy bene- statement. We did not have an every man or an indefens- of because the boys are pretty busy right now. But Dan finally saw black clans when please give us your review. I don't have a long review, but it's very good. It's probably the best move of the year. You haven't number one, correct? Yes. It's worth seeing for everyone regardless of your political affiliation. It made me angry at the end, but it is funny. There's some jarring things, and it's almost like if you hear the plot, you're like, there's no way that's based on a true story and I still can't believe it, but I would recommend everyone said Rick. Have you seen block lives when I have? What did you think of it? I'm right on there with with Dan. It is my top movie of the year so far right behind a quiet place. And same thing to like that ending and no spoilers for you. But what what spike with the ending. Wasn't necessary. No, but did it drive home the point he was making? Absolutely, and it's and it's perfect spike and he's returned to return a form and absolutely loved the film. Black cleansing go, see, my brother was shocked at at number one. Now at hill is Douglas. He loves you guys, Dan, Rick, which raises the other issue. Jim Stanford is still listening to the pot which I found his standing bay time. Oh yeah. We haven't been getting feedback from Jimmy lately petered off now, but he's still alive. He's locked in. He's locked and he's not criticizing my reviews. Like your brother is. Maybe I'll watch comic book movie review coming up, who knows you'll see a black cleanser now that you guys both liked it. Rick also saw the happy time murders, which I'll admit was an option. Is it like to see something before the next Sinophile saw the critics destroying it? And I said, well, I'm gonna pass on this one, but Rick, God level went and sought. Would you think?.

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